2012 Holiday Calendar

  • New Years Day

    New Years Day
    January first is the start of a new year. Most people stay up until midnight and countdown the final seconds until the new year has begun.
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    Months of the year

  • Martin Luther King Day

    Martin Luther King Day
    Martin Luther King Jr was an influential man who helped drive the civil rights movement. He is best known for his "I Have a Dream..." speech, He was assassinated while delivering a speech in Memphis Tenn.
  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day
    Each year Groundhog day is celebrated with a groundhog coming out of its burrow. If it sees it's shadow then that means winter will continue for six more weeks. If there is no shadow, then spring will come early.
  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day
    Traditionally on this day, sweethearts express their love for one another with flowers, chocolate, cards, etc. This day is actually called Saint Valentine's Day honoring the christian martyr Saint Valentine.
  • President's Day

    President's Day
    President's Day is a day where we remember past and present presidents and their accomplishments. Today is also the first president, George Washinton's, birthday.
  • St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day
    Even though most everyone celebrates this day, it is mainly known for religious reasons. St. Patrick was a sait from Ireland, usually the most known. On this day, you will see people wearing green, celebrating Irish culture, and many Irish myths are depicted (ex: Leprechauns)
  • April Fool's Day

    April Fool's Day
    Even though this is not a nationally recognized holiday, many people celebrate it. Normally, this day is celebrated by performing pranks and jokes on people.
  • Good Friday

    Good Friday
    This is a day we get off of school because it is a religious holiday. For various religions, good friday marks the day that Jesus died in the cross.
  • Easter

    Easter is a holiday that is celebrated in many different ways. Most common, we decorate Easter eggs, recieve Easter baskets filled with candy and presents, have Easter egg hunts, see the Easter bunny, etc. Religiously, Easter marks the end of the forty dat Lent period and the day Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Earth Day

    Earth Day
    Earth Day is meant to create awareness about the Earth and its resources. We learn about recyling and usually schools give the students their very own tree's to plant.
  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day
    This day is all about mom! We try to remember our mothers or mother figures and show them we appreciate them on this day.
  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day
    This day started after the civil war to remember fallen union and confederate soldiers. Now we use this to remember all fallen service men and women.
  • Father's Day

    Father's Day
    Just like with Mother's Day, we have a special day for dad's! Make sure to tell your father or father figure how much you love him today!
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    Today marks the day that the Declaration of Independence was signed making America free from British rule! Fireworks and cook outs are usually how it is celebrated today.
  • Labor Day

    Labor Day
    This holiday celebrates the hard work and contributions of workers. It is always celebrated the first Sunday in September. This is a holiday that students and workers recieve off.
  • Halloween

    This is the day before All Saints Day, typically celebrated today with costumes, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, haunted attractions, etc.
  • Veteran's Day

    Veteran's Day
    This day honors America's service men and women.
  • Thanksgiving

    This holiday is mostly celebrated only in The U.S. and Canada. There are various stories about how this holiday got started but now we celebrate by giving thanks, football, and a turkey meal with family and friends.
  • Christmas

    Chritsmas got its start like most holidays, in a religious manner. Many countries and cultures have their own versions of Christmas. Traditionally, we see a Santa Claus figure, Christmas tree, and presents.