• Color Television

    Color Television
    Inventor: John Logie Baird This changed TVs that were already broadcasting to now show everything within the full-color spectrum, instead of just black and white. This allows for a more clear and detailed look coming out from your screen and color is the standard that we use on all of our screens to this day. That standard goes from our cell phones up to the TVs that we use in our homes
  • Electronic computers

    Electronic computers
    Inventor: Konrad Zuse A machine that carries out sequences or directions automatically once programmed to do so. This facilitates the need for multiple different processes to be accomplished much faster and at the same time. I'm using a computer to submit this assignment right now. We also carry one in our pockets all day that's tailored to our daily use.
  • Helicopter

    Inventor: Igor Sikorsky A form of air travel that's primarily powered by rotors to shorten the time taken to travel by car or by boat sometimes. Helicopters are staples in transportation, tourism, military applications as well as medical. One of the top ride-sharing apps, Uber, uses them in certain regions as a travel option. The first mass-produced helicopters came out in 1942 and have been around since then.
  • Atomic bomb/nuclear energy

    Atomic bomb/nuclear energy
    Inventor: J. Robert Oppenheimer A source of energy similar to that of the sun in size and power, that may be harnessed for many uses. If weaponized, it is capable of some of the most devastating destruction on the planet. When not used to threaten other countries into a nuclear winter, it's used to mainly power all the electricity needed for several states, including nearly a third of what we use in Arizona.
  • Tupperware

    Inventor: Earl Tupper An ever-lasting series of plastic containers that find excellent use in food preparation, storage, and serving. Nearly every household in the country has a few they use which attributes to 'Tupperware' becoming a household name. We ideally use it to store any of our leftovers in the fridge and reheat afterward to make food last as long as it should or to be able to take our food with us on the go