• 570

    Muhammad's life

    Muhammad's life
    Muhammad was born in the year 570. Muhammad is also known for being the fonder of Islam. Muhammad was born in Mecca, Mecca then was a cosmpolitan trade center with a well developed government system. Clans and tribed inhabited Mecca. Muhammad belonged to the Quraysh tribe. The first 40 years of Muhammads life were uneventful, at age 6 he was orphaned. He was married and had 6 chuldren. After 40 years of his life being uneventful Angel Gabriel came to talk to him.
  • 570

    Muhammad's life Continued

    Muhammad's life Continued
    ... Angel Gabriel told him that there was only one god by the name of Allah and that judgement day was coming soon. Muhammad began to preach his beliefs. He was able to convert people from his tribe as well as slaves and other poor people. Some people were angry because it was believed he was trying to take over. Citizens from Mecca killed his family making him flee to Medina. In Medina he got a lot of support. This is the start of the Islamic calendar
  • Mar 29, 632

    Abu Bakr as Caliph 632-634

    Abu Bakr as Caliph 632-634
    After Muhammads death Abu Bakr is seleccted to be the caliph (leader, or Successor), He is chosen because in that time he was the closest person to Muhammad. Abu Bakr had priorities, one of them was bringing back the Bedouin tribe. He reunified Arabia and kept people faithful of the religion. Faced two main problems, first off being Accepted throughout the Islamic comminity and Secondly Sucession, building the Islamic community. Calif for two years and choses Umar as the next Successor.
  • Jun 8, 632

    Muhammads Death

    When Muhammad died in 632. The Spread of Islam spread beyond the Arabian Peninsula, Islam continued to grow and grow. But in 632 the death of Muhammad presented a challenge for the Muslim community. Who would lead the religion and keep it unified? The answer would affected the growth and the future of Islam. Muhammad didn't name a successor, there was no clear candidate who would be next
  • Jan 1, 634

    Umar as Caliph

    Umar as Caliph
    Was the second Caliph or Successor after Muhammads death. Umar defined the world as two parts, Dar al Islam and Dar el Harb. His most succesful achievement was expanding the Ummah (Muslim Empire), He had other achievements like making a currency as well as a calendar. Umar was very political making the government stable and organized. Being organized he wrote down Muhammads teachings. He appointed a commity to chose the next Calif.
  • Jan 1, 637

    Pack of Umar

    The Pack of Umar was a proclamation made in the mid 7th century protecting the "people of the book" which were the Christians and Jews. It gave Jews more rights within the Muslim Empire. The Pack of Umar let the Jews live within the Muslim people. But there was also some restrictions. The Jews weren't alowed to hold public office nor be able to practice their religion in public. Even though their houses had to be smaller than the Muslims they were prretty much safe under the Muslims
  • Jan 1, 644

    Uthman as Caliph

    Uthman as Caliph
    Uthman was selected to be the next Caliph by Umar and his council over Ali. He ruled very peacefuly, although he had many financial problems. His greatest Achievement was compiling a definitive version of the Qur'an. After he was murderd there was a lot of controversy on who would be the next Caliph.
  • Jan 1, 644

    End of Umar as Caliph

  • Jan 1, 656

    End of Uthman as Caliph

    End of Uthman as Caliph
    Uthman murdered ending his reign as Caliph
  • Jan 1, 680

    Umayaad Dynasty

    Umayaad Dynasty
    The capitol of the Umayaad was in Damascus. The Umayyad dynasty was very successful. They had many achievements that made them so great like opening the canals that irrigated the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. They also introduced the use of Indian Water Buffalo to help with people labor such as farming. They also expanded the Muslim Empire all the way into India. While expanding they converted many people to Islam.
  • Jan 1, 680

    Umayyad Dynasty Continued

    Umayyad Dynasty Continued
    But their greated achievement was building the Dome of The Rock in Damascus/ modern day Jerusalem. The Umayyads were very successful in government as well prior to be getting taken over by the Abbasids.
  • Jan 1, 690

    Arab rule over Aelia Capitolina

    Late 600's
  • Jan 1, 691

    Dome of The Rock Built

    Dome of The Rock Built
    The Dome of the Rock was built by Abd-al-Malikin the caliph of the Umayyad Dynasty. It is currently located in Jerusalem Israel. This was the first freat Mosque ever built. But the significance about The Dome of The Rock is where its located. For the Jewish people this is where the 2nd Temple was located, and for the Muslims this is the place where Muhammad went and met with all the prophets and spoke to Angel Gabriel.
  • Jan 1, 711

    Muslims Settle in Spain call it Al-Andalus

    In Al-Andalus (muslim spain) their was a lot of success throughout the Empire. The Jews flourished in this society, contributing to Math, Medication, Botany, Geometry, Poetry and Philsophy.
  • Period: Jan 1, 712 to Jan 1, 1400

    Golden Age of Muslim Empire

  • Jan 1, 750

    End of Umayyad Dynasty

  • Jan 1, 751

    Start of Abbasid Dynasty

    Start of Abbasid Dynasty
    The Abbasid Dynasty took over the Umayyad Dynasty. The Capitol of the Dynasty was Baghdad. Baghdad was the center for trade in those days. They used many things like the Umayyads did such as use their form of Government. Although, they had many achievements such as compiling a vode of law making banking systems, encouraged building of libraries and universities.. They were very educated, they were very successful in the fields of medicine, astronomy, math and chemistry.
  • Jan 1, 800


    Around the year 800 Cordoba was the center of schlorship in An-Andalus.
  • Jan 1, 900

    Arabs change name of Aelia Capitolina (Israel) to Al-Quds

  • Mar 31, 933

    Samuel Imn Nagrela

    Professional court poet who wrote for the king. He was known for his religious poems, some of his poems even addressed love, sensuality, and humor. He based his poems on Scence, and relationship between Jews and God.
  • Jan 1, 1086

    Judah Halevi

    What an ideal Jewish courtier (court doctor), communal leader and prolific poet. Witnessed the Decline of the Sephardic Jewish community.
  • Jan 1, 1135

    Moshe Maimonides

    Full name was Moses ben Maimon, in hebrew he is known as Ram-Bam. He became a philosopher, rabbinic authority and codifier of Jewish law. He also created the Mishna Torah, which is the book of Jewish Law.
  • Jan 1, 1158

    Mishnah Torah created

    Book of Jewish law compiled and made by Moses Maimonides or Rambam
  • Jan 1, 1258

    End of the Abbasid Dynasty

    Decline started when Islam started breaking up into Independent states.
  • Jan 1, 1260

    Mamluk Turks control over Jerusalem

    Mamluk Turks took over Jerusalem/Region.
  • Jan 1, 1492

    Jews Muslims expelled from Spain/Christopher Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue

  • Jan 1, 1500

    Ottoman Empire gains control over Jerusalem

  • British take over Jerusalem

    British take over Jerusalem after World War I (WWI).
  • Israel becomes Independent State for Jews

    After World War II (WWII), the Jews got their own homeland.