french revolution

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    deficit spending

    neckerLouis XIV had left france because he was deply in dept . the seaven years war and the american revolutionstarained the treasury ever further. bad harvest sent food prices souring and brought hunger to poorer peasants and city dwellers .
  • Louis XVII call the Estate General

    [Estate General]( Jacques Necker, a finacial expert as an advisor. Necker urged the king to reduce extravagent court spending Estate-General, Legislative body consisting of representatives of the three estate, he has been at general estate for 175years . Jaques had then started taxing everyone. France had then tottered the verge of bankruptcy
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    Third Stage

    [The Third stage revolution](http:/// the reaction of terror, the revolution entered the third stage. which caused then to move away form the excesses of the convention, moderates produced another constitution,the had set up five man directory and a two-house legislative which had been elective by male citizens.
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    Parisans storms the Bastille

    [The storm of Bastille]( court was where the national assembly began. They had then made Declaration of the right of men. The mens right was to be equal to everyone else. tthe streets had been buzzed with rumors which then the royal troops were going to the occupy which was known as the capital. louis and the french have celebrated Bastille day anually as theirnational independence day.
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    Threats from aboard

    [Threats from abroad]( XVI brought further hostile rumbling from abroad. The king of Prussia and the emporer of Austria which had been marie antonett's brother which had then issued the declaration of pilniz.
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    Monarchy is abolished

    [Monarchy abolished]( battle disaster quickly inflamed revolutionaries who had thought the kind was league with the enimies. About 1,200 prisioners had been killed; among them had been ordinary criminals. A crowed of parisiand stormed the royal palace of the tuileris and slaughtered the kings gaurds.
  • Nationalism

    Spread of nationalismRevolution and war had gave the french people a strong sence of national identity. The french were a nation in arms. They poted troops which had then marched againt the "bloddy banner of tyranny.
  • Rein of terroe

    [reign of terror]( on a rein terror revolutionary courts cunducted hasty trials spectacular greeted death sentences with aries od " Hail the republican.