Spring Ball

By mjstorm
  • Day 1

    On this day we will meet as staff with coach Anderson and we will discuss what we will be doing for this pracitce. After the first practice ill upload and work with any film from that practice so we can relate it back to the players
  • Practice 3

    By Day three I will have developed different DVD's for our players to watch so they can self evaluate. Ill have plays broken down by name and day for every player on offesne.
  • practice 3 & 4

    On this day we will start getting heavy into our meetings and more will be processes through our APEX game solutions software.
  • April 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th, Full pad practices

    Early in the morning on these days, ill meet with Anderoson and our OC tom Nielson about what they want out of the APEX films for our meetings on these days. Typically ill have the day before's practice broken down and ready to watch as well as any specials for our players. For example, by this day we will be heavy into our ZONE run game. Ill have every zone play ran so far for spring ball broken down and ready to watch seperated by players.
  • Game Week

    By the end of spring ball, I will have sat down with coach Anderson and ill be in full go over meetings with the players. Most likely in my meetings will be the offensive line, tight ends and running backs. It may seem like a lot, but ill be ready to go. Ill have APEX sofware up and ready to go so I can teach the players what the need to know for upcoming practices and the spring game