colonization of Canada

By iandg
  • Feb 17, 1534

    Cartier lands in Newfoundland

  • Camplain establishes Port Royal

  • Champlain Establishes Quebec City

  • First Filles du Rois arrive in New France

  • Jean Ralon, Intendant of New France

    from 1665 - 1668
  • Radisson and des Groseilliers reach Hudson Bay

  • King of england grants Hudson's Bay Company a monopoly of trade in Rupertsland

  • Expulsion of the Acadians

  • Seven years war

    1756 - 1763
  • British conquest of Quebec

    1759 - 1760
  • Treaty of Paris

  • Trades begin

    Establishment of the Northwest Company and expansion of the Hudson Bay Company trading posts into the interior: voyagers and Meties nation,
  • Vikings

    vikings land in L'Anse auz Meadows,
  • Period: to

    Time line

    from discovery to colenizeation