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coltons life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
  • My First Black Eye

    My First Black Eye
    I slipped and hit my face on a couch. That was the first of many.
  • My Brother Cody

    My Brother Cody
    My Brother Cody died of a heart disease at the age of three months.
  • Kalena Azabuke

    Kalena Azabuke
    Christmas Eve with a NBA basketball player.
  • Chip Foose

    Chip Foose
    My dad took me out of school to go meet chip foose a custom car designer.
  • College

    when i graduate stanford and major in architecture.
  • future job

    i'm not quite sure what i want to do yet im wrestling between being a architect or a cusom car and motorcycle designer.
  • retired

    i will be retired and spend all of my money on cars and big houses!