Caeden Patterson Crandall

  • Born

    I was born in Tallahassee, FL. I was the first born grandchild and everybody came.
  • Age 1

    Age 1
  • Age 2

    Age 2
  • 3rd Birthday

    3rd Birthday
    We had a party at Chuck-E-Cheese. I had a volcano and dinosaur cake.
  • Age 4

    Age 4
  • Day we got Copper

    Day we got Copper
    Copper was very small. He was a surprise.
  • Moved into our new house.

    Moved into our new house.
    When we moved in we painted my room yellow. We had two pools down the street.
  • Age 5

    Age 5
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    I met a lot of new people. My teachers were very nice.
  • Charlotte born

    Charlotte born
    There was a tropical storm and it was my third day of kindergarten. It was so nice to see my sister for the first time.
  • Alena Ann was born

    She was my first cousin. She was very cute.
  • Age 6

    Age 6
  • Cub Scout Camp

    The very first day I had to take a test. We got to go to the pool, sing songs, and shoot a bow and arrow.
  • 7th Birthday

    7th Birthday
    We had a birthday party at Adventure Landing. We played laser tag.
  • Universal Studios

    Universal Studios