Task Seven

  • AS Media coursework given

    AS Media coursework given
    We looked over what we had to do,
  • Period: to

    Question Seven

  • Learning Termanology

    Learning Termanology
    We learnt about the basics first like continuity editing, Continuity editing is when cuts are made and they seem invisible to the audience. This makes the scene seem like its in real time so the audience feels like its happening.
    This can be done in several ways, some examples we used were match on action and the 180 degree rule.
  • Safety

    Before we could do any filming we had to learn about the safety of using it all, how to use the tripods efficiently and how to carry the cameras and other technology around.
  • Prelimenary task

    Prelimenary task
    This was our first chance to use the cameras and make a film< once our planning was finished we moved on to the filming, to perfect the continuity editing we used premier pro.
  • Analysing other title sequences.

    Analysing other title sequences.
    The other title sequences i chose to look at were spider-man and the hulk, our original theme was superheros so the marvel films were ideal to analyse.
  • After analysis

    After analysis
    After watching both titles i wrote an essay on both explaining what was happening in media terms and this helped me gain knowledge for the real filming. I also used some of the proffesional sequences as ideas for my own.
  • What i learnt from research

    What i learnt from research
    I learnt alot from research, this is where we started getting real ideas for our storyline, we saw that the public like two sides to a story, good and bad and thats what we were going to focus on when making the film.
  • Photos

    We made a photo storyboard where i took photos of the location where we would be filming, the car park and the elevator.
  • Planning

    This is where we put our ideas to paper, we made storyboards and mindmaps on paper and put our final ideas onto our blog.
  • Health and saftey

    Health and saftey
    Before any filming took place we had to write a health and safety report and risk assesments just encase.
  • Casting

    We carefully chose who we thought would be appropriate actors and who would be availible and reliable.
  • Researching target audience

    Researching target audience
    We learn about different social groups and what social groups like what films, we decided the age and that aspirers, achievers and succeeders would want to watch out film.
  • Permission

    Before we took any photos or did any filming we needed to get permission of the people who owned the car park, i got in touch with ncp car parks and emailed them to see if it was ok.
  • Costume

    We had to decide on the costume that our actors would be wearing, this all needed to be appropriate for the target audience and the genre of the film.
  • Started filming

    Started filming
    Did all the basic shots before we went back for extras.
  • Approaching the target audience

    Approaching the target audience
    We decided to get feedback from the selected target audience to make sure we were aiming at the right people.
  • Finished filming

    Finished filming
    All the filming was finished and ready to edit.
  • Editing

    We uploaded all the clips we wanted using OnLocation then we edited the whole film on PremierPro, both of these on Adobe.
  • Updates

    We updated the blog of any changes we had made.
  • Uploaded

    All of our work was uploaded to the blog.