Preliminary task to now.

  • Planning and preperation

    Here is where we planned and prepared our Preliminary task. We made drafts and mock risk assesments. These helped to check to see if there were any problems, early on in the development. We learnt that this is an important thing to do, thus used these techniques of planning in our final product.
  • Period: to

    Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

  • Organisation of time

    Here we planned using a google calendar. This was a technique we used later on to plan and give oursdelf deadlines in which we would complete certain elements of the work. We used this to develop our preliminary product, and final product further, as it helped us make sure we had everything done in time, with enough time to do it.
  • Camera Skills

    Here we really developed our camera skills and used knowledge of lighting to finish our preliminary product, and start planning our final one. All the techniques we used here gave us a good understanding, and helped us know what to do, and even not to do involving the camera in our final filming.
  • Conventions of film title sequences

    Here i researched the conventions of the genre i chose, which was important, as it allowed me to make a more in depth plan of what would be a more conventional or unconventional method in the planning of my film title sequence. I used the knowledge and what i learnt here later on in the planning of my scenes and screenplay.
  • Post production skills

    Here is where i learnt to use effects and other post production techniques. I learnt to use these whilst actually editing and filming different parts of my title sequence. The skills were ones such as the use of premier pro, to edit, adjust and alter the timeline and clips to make a quality finished product. It also helped me develop my titles aswell.