Leilani Wright's Birthday Timeline. Februaury 7, 2011

Timeline created by leilanimarie
  • I was born!

    I was born!
    I came a little early so I had to spend some time in the hospital.
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  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    I got my own little cake and made a HUGE mess with it. That was sooo much fun!
  • visit from great grandma

    When great gandma came she was so happy to see us and we
    where so happy to see her too!And we had a great time yea!
  • My Second Birthday

    My Second Birthday
    On my second birthday I was dressed up in a cool outfit and I had
    sooooo much fun and had a great day and time!
  • My Third Birthday

    My Third Birthday
  • My Fourth Birthday

    My Fourth Birthday
  • My Fifth Birthday

    My Fifth Birthday
  • Trip to the Thompson's

    I went to the thomponson's house and got to pet some manteas
    over there and it was soooo much fun!
  • My Sixth Birthday

  • Birth of my little brother

    When my baby brother was born he was soo cute i had to cry and
    i got too play with him and he was happy when i picked him up.
  • My Seventh Birthday

    On my seventh birthday I laught my head off and had so much
    fun and i got to go over to my friends house Adriana's house and
    had soooooooooooooooooo much fun!
  • The family reuion

    I went to southcarorlina and I went to a family reuion there were
    35 of my family members at the reuion and I had a great time there.