First Nations & New France

By sarahea
  • Aug 2, 1492

    Christopher Columbus Sailed to America

    Chritsopher Columbus sailed to america and ocne he reached this land he beleive it was called the Indies.
  • Apr 15, 1497

    John Cabot in Search of the Northwest Passage

    Italian navigator John Cabot was in search for a shorted route to Aisa. He was tring to ifn da better route the Christopher Columbus did. The land that he landed on is now to be believed to be called Newfoundland or nova Scotia. He didn't find riches and spices like he thought he would but instead he found cod and fishes. He later claimed this land for england. Once this happened a large european fishing fleets started to come to Canada in search for a endless supply of fish.
  • May 30, 1534

    Jacques Cartier 1st Visit

    Jacques Catier Sailed to Canada down the Gulf of St. Lawernce.
  • Feb 13, 1535

    Jacques Cartier 2nd Trip

    the SEcond trip to canada was made down the St. Lawernce river. He made his was down in the Canadian interior which is today now called Montreal.
  • Apr 3, 1541

    Jacques Cartier 3rd Trip

    The third trip was made to canada in hope that they would stay. They wanted to produce a colony which sadly only lasted till 1543
  • Fur Trade

    King Henry IV made plans for the fur trade and to set up a colony in canada.
  • Acadia

    the french settlers left New Brunswick and Maine. They went to Port-Royal. This was the begining of Acadia
  • Quebec

    Samuel de Champlain sailed down the St. Lawernce river and founded Quebec city.
  • Friendship of Tribes

    The french colony and bribes defeted the Iroqouis Indians. This cause a enemie to the french.
  • Henry Hudson

    A english sea captian named Henry Hudson sailed into the hudsons bay in serach of the northwest passage. England then later on claimed this area.
  • Quebec Expanding

    At this time about 60 people lived in Quebec. Samuel de Champlain hope that more people would soon join this colony.
  • Captured Quebec

    The french lost Quebec to the English at this time.
  • Quebec Regained

    The french regained the town.
  • Seigneurial System

    This system was encouraged to be used in New France for the colony to grow larger.
  • The Royal Province

    King Louis XIV sent troups to New France to fight the Iroqouis. Jobs were distrubeted out and the colony grew larger.
  • Population Count of New France

    At this time it was 3000 people living in New France.
  • Hudson's Bay Company

    It opened along the shores of the Hudson Bay for fur trading.
  • Population Count of New France

    At this time the population of New France was around 6 700
  • King William's War

    War between French and English colony's this war ended in 1697 and nothing was resolved.
  • Queen Anne's War

    A War between 2 colony's the french and the english. Territory was beining to be gained at this time.
  • Treaty of Utrecht

    France gave the United Kingdom Newfoundland the mainland Nova Scotia region of Acadia and the Hudson bay territory.
  • King George's War

    A war between the French and English colony territory was also being gained in this war ( 1744- 1748)