austin's comp. bus. apps.

  • Typing Master

    we began on learning how to type using typing master pro. we did this for about a week
  • Publisher

    We started one of the microsoft programs called publisher where we did a project by creating multiple different things suchs as cd's or envelopes or rosters etc.
  • Word document 2007

    we began on working on 2007 word document on learning how to make and use collumns, rows, outlines, tabs. etc.
  • Period: to

    Word work

    we transitions imbetween word 2007 and word 2003, learning the differences of the progrems and how to find things in each program. we had to make maps, and envelopes and learned how to use proper formatting.
  • Period: to

    Screencapture video

    this is the time we took into using both camstudio and screen toaster and see what different programs do and which one works most effectivly.
  • Period: to

    screencapture video

    this is where we tested and tried out camstuido and screen toaster. seeing which one we found more effective and useful.
  • Prizi

    this is where we started a program called prezi. which is a form of a presentation that people use, so we tried it out.
  • Period: to

    prezi cont.

    we exspirimented and learned about prezi and used it to make a presentaion on how to make our favorite food. but it got cut kinda shorter due to the thanksgiving break.
  • blogger

    we began on a site called blogger where we created a blog for our class and used it to post all our past work such as prezi's. we also eventually made our own blog and followed through with it for awhile.
  • Period: to

    blogger cont.

    we finished up our blogger work even though we kinda started it long before prezi's but we really didnt get into it until the 6th of december. this is the last peice of work we did before we came back from christmas break.
  • Period: to

    christmas break cont.

    this is when christmas break finished where we cont. off into html.
  • HTML coding

    this is when we started on learning how to do HTMl coding and how to really have the basics on how to make our own website.
  • Period: to

    HTML- to today

    we learned how to do lots of HTML and made our own 2 websites on subjects that we chose, now this is the last event of the timeline.
  • Screen capture video

    we learned how to use multiple programs on how to make a video by recording what you see on your screen using camstudio and screentoaster.
  • christmas break

    christmas break began