Medieval Timeline Assignment

By jevon
  • 565


    Last Emperor who spoke Latin as a first language and sought to reapair the Roman Empire before being stopped by the Black Plague.
  • Oct 10, 732

    Battle of Tours

    Battle of Tours
    Muslim conquest versus the Franks in the battle of religion. The muslims fell in battle and many believed it was one of the reasons why Christianity kept growing profoundly in Europe
  • Apr 2, 742


    Possible one of the most effective rulers of the Medieval time period, he is conscidered the father of Europe because he united Western Europe together
  • Jan 1, 1054

    East-West Schism

    Emperor Constantine legalized Christianity throughout Rome. This was also the period when the creation of the Eastern Othodox Church took place.
  • Sep 28, 1066

    Norman Conquest of England

    Removed the native ruling class, replacing it with a foreign, French-speaking monarchy, aristocracy, and clerical hierarchy. The creation of the English language also formed.
  • Jan 1, 1088

    University of Bologna

    The oldest active university today was created. Also was the first degree granting university in Europe.
  • Jan 1, 1122

    Eleanor of Aquitaine

    Eleanor of Aquitaine
    Married King Henry the Second and was dubbed Queen on England. She was a perfectionist who mastered the art of sex as a a weapon, she lead her sons Richard and John to overcome their father and lead the throne.
  • Jun 15, 1215

    Magna Carta

    First charter based form created in England by King John
  • Jan 1, 1295

    Marco Polo

    Marco Polo
    Marco Polo returned from a 15,000 mile with his father to Venice with his father. They observed new lands in Asia and had gained many treasures
  • Jan 1, 1337

    100 Years War

    lasted into 1453, it was first caused because of Edward the third's actions to control the English throne and also because of the economic conflict in Frances economy.
  • May 8, 1429

    Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc
    An encouraging French military women who was a leader of French army. She forced the English to retreat form Orleans.
  • Apr 6, 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    The Ottoman Empire defeated the Bayzantine Empire ruled by Constantine, it was a massive blow for Christendom
  • Feb 3, 1468

    Johann Gutenberg

    Johann Gutenberg
    First Invented the mechanical printing and started the printing revolution, which is conscidered a top achievment in the modern period.
  • Clovis

    Was born and later ruled the Franks, he united all of the states together and was the first to rule all Frankish tribes. He was also supported Christianity.
  • Viking Invasion

    Invaded and destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne, Monks were killed or carried along with Church treasures to be slaves.