Building Homes of Our Own

  • Getting Statred!

    Getting Statred!
    At the beginning, we got a loan of $1,250,000 to spend on the house. We bought Lot 341. It was a Multi-shaped house that had 2 story's. The community suggested that we hire a Soil Person and Environmental Consultant. We got approved for a permit the first time.
  • What's Next?

    What's Next?
    We finished grading our house, and we had no trees to remove so we saved money on that.Now we are on the Building Phase! We are just starting the floor plan for for the first floor of the house. It has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a family room, a bathroom, a home office, a luandry room, and closets.
  • Building a dream home

    Building a dream home
    This is the second floor. We put in a lot of rooms so that big family's can live in it. There are four bedrroms, two bathrooms, and a master bedroom with a master bathroom. When we finished the floor plan, we picked the cheapest items to build the house. That saved us a lot of money. We didn’t put any additional landscaping either because we wanted to be as simple as possible.
  • Making it perfect

    Making it perfect
    Our home looks pretty amazing to Amanda and I (: . We put in a sound system , lighting system , high speed Internet , and multiple phone lines. Now we are on the selling phase ! (:
  • Trying and Trying

    Trying and Trying
    We just got some buyers who made offers, and now we are checking the criteria. We tried to sell our home many times, but it was hard. We got a lot of offers. Either they weren't high enough or the bank rejected the buyers.
  • House Ad

    House Ad
    In our ad, we talked about how many rooms adn bathrooms our house had. We also added the ammenities we put in.
  • Coastline

    We got all the way to the coastline level. On the previous levels, we built two story homes with and bought the least expensive kitchens, bathrooms, and floors. That saved us money, so we would still have a lot of money when selling the house. We also listened to all of the community's advice, and hire the right people to help get the house ready to be built. We also bought the cheapest windows and doors to save money, and we didn't put any additional landscaping in such as pools, or plants.