10 important dates of the middle ages

  • 476

    western roman empire fell

    it is the beginning of the middle ages
  • 800

    Charlemagne the great is the emperor

    his empire meant almost all of the Western and Central Europe
  • 843

    Treaty of Verdun

    this is the beginning of the states of France and Germany
  • 919

    First use of gunpowder

    it is a really new technology that revolutionized lots of thing like guns
  • 1095

    First Crusade

    cirstian military supported Byzantine Empire against the Seljuk Turks
  • 1316

    The Great Famine 1315-1317

    lots of people died
    the population decreased
  • 1337

    The Hundred Years’ War

    a huge war between england and france
  • 1348

    The black death 1348-1350

    the most important epidemic in the middle ages
  • 1378

    The Great Schism 1378-1417

    the church was divided in western and eastern Christian church
  • 1492

    Columbus discovered the american lands

    the end of the middle ages