year 9 history

  • the french revolution

    the french revollution was when the people took over the king in such they did not have a ruler anymore. this was as they got upset and fustrated with the low food recourses and poor living
  • crossing of the bpue moutains

    the crossing of the blue mountains was a major expodition the result in the expodition led to the people gaining more land.
  • European trade with Africa becomes well established

    king Leopold II decided not to wait for those natural resources to be traded to them, but rather to divide Africa amongst the European nations and decrease the cost of transport back to their main land.
  • indian rebellion

    the indian rebellion was also called the indian mutiny or the sepoy mutiny. epoys in the Presidency of Bengal revolted against their British officers.
  • world war 1

    world war 1 began on the 28th of july. The First World War killed 17 million people, traumatised a generation, overturned old empires and changed the world's political order.