World at the Beginning of the 20th Century

  • Germany Wins Franco-Prussia War

    Germany defeated the french and took the provences of Alsace and Lorraine from France.
  • Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy sign Triple Alliance

  • The Second International meets in Paris

    it was a congress of socialists parties. War was not part of the congress' plan, but when the french someone was assassinated they couldnt control the public.
  • The Spanish-America War

    when the us took the phillipeans there were lots of world powers inn close islands
  • Boer Settlers rebel against Brithish rule in South Africa

    It caused many conflicts between Africa and the British Empire. Africa was supported by the Duthch and Germany.
  • The Boxer Rebellion in China

    Throughout 1899 the Boxers and other militant societies combined in a campaign against westerners and westernised Chinese. Missionaries and other civilians were killed, women were raped, and European property was destroyed. By March 1900 the uprising spread beyond the secret societies and western powers decided to intervene, partly to protect their nationals but mainly to counter the threat to their territorial and trade ambitions.
  • President McKinley (USA) assassinated by an anarchist

  • The Brithish Dreadnought is launched

    It sparked a naval race between britain and germany
  • The Triple Entente

    The Triple Entente is created between Britain, France and Russia. It went on to opposes the central european powers.
  • Abuses and mistreatment of tribespeople in the Belgian Congo

    A comission uncovers abuses and mistreatment of tribespeople in the Belgian Congo.
  • Japan annexes Korea

    Korea didn't want to be ruled by Japan and could have asked for help from allies
  • Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne is assassinated in Sarajevo

  • Austria bombards Belgrade opening WW1

  • All major European powers are at war