War of 1812 Timeline

By hay972
  • War begins.

    President Madison declared war against British North America, because the British stopped American ships to search for/take deserters.The US declares war on Britain, and gets ready to invade Canada (Britains colony.)
  • William Hull surrenders.

    William surrenders to British forces at Detroit.
  • Tecumseh is killed in the war.

  • General Brock is killed.

    Isaac Brock was shot by an American sniper.
  • Americans attack York.

    The Americans attack York. The British realize they can not defend the fort, and kill about 250 Americans.
  • Americans get Fort George.

    The British and Canadians lose Fort George to the Americans. They are unable to defend it.
  • Battle of Stoney Creek is won.

    British and Canadians win the Battle of Stoney Creek. The Americans were unable to conquer that part of Ontario.
  • Laura Secord warns everyone about the American's attack.

    After Laura warns the British and Canadians, they defeat the Americans.
  • France invasion.

    From June 24. 1813 - December 12, France ivades Russia.
  • Americans win a battle.

    The Americans win the Battle of Fort Stephenson.
  • US Ship is captured.

    The British capture Americans sailing ship.
  • British & Canadian forces defeat Americans.

    The British & Canadian forces defeat the Americans in the Battle of Chrysler's Farm.
  • Americans abandon Fort George.

    The Americans abandon Fort George by force, and set Newark on fire.
  • Many people were killed.

    640 British and Canadians were killed, and 740 Americans were killed or wounded.
  • White House burned down.

    A British force set fire to the White House after defeating the Americans.