war of 1812

  • President Madison takes office

    Madison took office well tensions with Britian were high. Americans were mad at Britian for arming Native Americans. Americans also resnted the continued impessement of Amerian sailors by the british.
  • War Hawks take power

    Clay and calhoun and there supporters were considerd the War Hawks. THey wanted war with Britian and the oppisition for war was highest in New England. Engladers thought war with Britian would harm american trade.
  • Realations with Great Britin worsen

    Native Americans begin to attack and Britian keeps impressing American sailors
  • Congrress declares war on Britian

    The United States was confident of winning. The British had wanted war with the U.S.
  • America is not read for war

    Jefferson recently made cuts to the army with less than 7,000 soldiers and only 17 war ships they hardly stood a chance.
  • Britain blockades American ports

    The British had over 135 war ships reinforcing troops and blocking American ports.
  • Invasion of canada

    An american army lead by general William Hull left fron detroit to attack to only later retreat.
  • U.S.S constitutiion scores a victory

    The constitution scored a big sinking win against the briatan ship
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Oliver Hazard Perry fought British ships to a victory by switching ships after the American Flagship had sanken.
  • Battle of Horseshoe bend

    Jackson had defeated the creeks and the creeks were forced to give up millions of acres of land.
  • Washington D.C attacked and burned

    British force marched into D.C well Dolley Madison gatherd important papers and fled. The British had burned down several government buildings before leaving.
  • Writting of the star spangled banner

    Written by Frances Scott Key after he had watched Fort McHenry get attacked and after the attack the flag was still standing inspirening him to write the song.
  • Hartford Convention

    A meeting to discuss New england withdrawing from the U.S to only later be dissmissed.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    This treaty was made on christmas eve after Britain was tired of war and wanted things to be back to the way they were.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    The last battle of the war of 1812 lead by Jackson to an stunning vitory