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War Of 1812

By dmorgia
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    The War of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    President Madison Takes Office
    Madison was a quiet, scholarly man. Madison helped write the Constitution and pass the Bill of Rights. Madison hoped to keep the Americans out of war. Americans felt that Madison's approach was too timid. They argued the U.S. must stand up to the Native Americans and foreign countries which later led to war.
  • War Hawks Take Power

    War Hawks Take Power
    The War Hawks were a new faction. They mainly focused on war. they were mainly from the west and south. The War Hawks dominated Congress. They helped Congress declare war.
  • Relations with Great Britain Worsen

    Relations with Great Britain Worsen
    British supplied guns and ammo to the Native Americans. British encouraged the Native Americans to attack U.S. settlements. U.S. and Britain disagreed over trade. This led to the Americans stating that if either France or Britain stopped seizing American ships then they would stop trade with the other country. France took the chance and trade stopped with Britain.
  • Congress Declares War on Britain

    Congress Declares War on Britain
    British continued to board American ships and impress American seamen. The British warships blockaded American ports. On June 18,1812 Congress declared war. Many Americans liked the idea but some did not. Americans faced many problems during the war such as shortage of soldiers which led to needing volunteers.
  • America is not Ready for War

    America is not Ready for War
    American was a new nation. They only had 16 warships. They only had 7,000 men. U.S. was tight on money. Jefferson's spending cuts weakened the military's strength.
  • Britain Blockades American Ports

    Britain Blockades American Ports
    Britain blockades American ports to stop trade with other countries. American navy unable to break the blockade. MAny battles broke out. Americans won small victories. British impressed AMerican seamen.
  • Invasion of Canada

    Invasion of Canada
    Americans planned to attack in three spots: Detroit, Niagra and Montreal. The Canadians helped defend the cities. The Americans in Detroit retreated. The Americans couldn't invade Canada. The Americans later captured Detroit.
  • USS Constitution Scores a Victory

    USS Constitution Scores a Victory
    The ship was built in Boston. The battle took place off the coast of Nova Scotia. It defeated the HMS Guerriere. Cannonballs were bouncing off the sides of the ship. It was nicknamed "Old Ironsides".
  • Battle of Lake Erie

    Battle of Lake Erie
    The battle took place out on Lake Erie.l The Americans were led by Perry. The British were led by Barclay. Perry's ship was destroyed and he rowed to another ship. The Americans won the battle.
  • Battle of Thames

    Battle of Thames
    The British depended on Lake Erie. The British retreated from Lake Erie. The Americans pursued them. The battle happened near present-day Chatham, Ontario. This resulted in the death of Tecumeseh.
  • Horseshoe Bend

    Horseshoe Bend
    Andrew Jackson was in command at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.The Cherokees helped Jackson fight the Creeks. After the Americans won the leaders of the Creeks walked alone into Jackson's camp to surrender. The fighting ended for a period of time after this battle. The Native Americans, once again, had to give up land to whites.
  • Washington D.C. Attacked and Burned

    Washington D.C. Attacked and Burned
    British marched into Washington D.C.. Dolley Madison gathered up important papers and fled the White House. British set fire to several government buildings including the White House. British only burned public buildings. After they marched into Baltimore.
  • Attack on Baltimore

    Attack on Baltimore
    The attack happened after the attack on Washington D.C.. It was a sea/land battle. The Americans occupied Fort McHenry. The British defeated the Americans at North Point. The British withdrew.
  • Writing of the Star Spangled Banner

    Writing of the Star Spangled Banner
    Written by Francis Scott Key. First a poem. The poem was named "Defence of Fort McHenry". Based on the attack of Baltimore. Became the national anthem.
  • Hartford Convention

    Hartford Convention
    New England Federalists ran the convention. They met in the city of Hartford.They met secretly for 3 weeks. They had a dissatisfaction with the war. They talked about splitting from the union.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    The treaty was signed in the city of Ghent, Belgium.The treaty agreed to restore prewar conditions. Nothing was mentioned about impressment or neutrality. Other issues, like so, were settled later. After the Americans felt like the war was a mistake.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    Americans were led by ANdrew Jackson. Britain wanted control of New Orleans and the Mississippi River. The Americans dug trenches for protection. The British lost the battle. Two thousand British soldiers died and only 7 Americans.