War of 1812

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    The War Of 1812

  • President Madison Takes Office

    The Americans were angry at the Britain for arming Native Americans in the Northwest . They resented the continued impressment of American sailors . The Nation was not prepared to fight , its forces took a severe trouncing . The British entered Washington and set fire to the White House and the Capitol .
  • War Hawks Take Power

    Clay , Calhoun , and their supporters were called war hawks . Many new Englanders believed war with Britain would harm american trades .
  • Relations With Great Britain

    Britain was not willing to meet American's demands to avoid war . Providing Native Americans with support was one way protecting Canada .
  • American Is Not Ready For A War

    Jefferson's spending cuts had weakened American's strength . The Navy had only 16 ships ready for action .
  • Britian Blockades American Ports

    The British Navy had 135 war ships . Blockading American ports after reinforcing British troops , the British were able to go and help out .
  • Invasion Of Canada

    Before the war even began , War Hawks were demanding an invasion . They were expecting the Canadians to throw off the British rule .
  • The USS Constitution Scores A Victory

    The USS Constitution defeated the British warship guerieve in a fierce battle . According to tradition , sailors helped named the Constitution .
  • Battle Of Lake Erie

    American forces had better luck on Lake Erie . Both sides were aware of the importance of controlling the lake . During the battle , the American flagship was badly damaged .
  • Battle Of Horseshoe Bend

    Jackson defeated the Creeks at the battle of Horseshoe Bend . The treaty that ended the fighting force the Creeks to give up millions of acres of land .
  • Washington D.C. ; Attacked And Burned

    The British set fire to several government buildings , including the White House . Americans were shocked that their army could not defend Washington .
  • Writing Of The Star Spangled Banner

    On the back of an old envelope , Key wrote a poem that he called The Star Spangled Banner . It talked about his nights watch .
  • Hartford Convention

    While the delegates debated , news of the peace treaty arrived with the war over , the Hartford convention ended quickly .
  • Treaty Of Ghent

    Peace talks began in Ghent , Belgium . On Christmas Eve , 1814 , the 2 sides signed the treaty of Ghent , which ended the war .
  • Battle Of New Orleans

    American for us under General Andrwe Jackson won a stunning victory over the British at the battle of New Orleans .