war of 1812

  • united staes ,,james madison,americans angry at britain for arming native amricans in the northwest

    united states
    march 4,1809
    james madison
    americans angry at britain for arming native americans in the northwest
  • house represeitives in congress, march1 1810,jhon c.calhoun ,henery clay,eager for war with britain ,felt a sense of amrican nathinlism or pridein one's country

    united states
    march 4 1809
    who involde
    ames madison
    americns angry at britain folr arming native aamericans in the northwest
  • united states,june 19 1812,thomos jefferson spending cuts had weekend american military strenghth,wakend american strenghth ,navay had oonly 16 warships,thhe army was also small

  • american ports,july 12 1812,american troops general willim hull ,british general isaac brock,2,000 american soliders were defeat, serious defeat for u.s.

  • north america ,august 19,1812,united states,britsh uss costtion defeted 16 warships ,7,000 men

  • lake erie,put -in bay,stempber 10,1813,united states ,we have met the emney and the ours! britain forced to leave detroit.

  • united states,early months,americans told the u.s. they wolud countinue impressing saliors, native americans in the north west bgan new atacks on froiter settlements,americans angry with britan

  • nations capitial,agust 24 1814, united states,britsh,britsh set fier to severalgoverment bulidings incluing the white house

  • united states june 19,1812 ,thomos jefferson spending cuuts had weekend amerian millitary shtenghth,weekend amirica shtenghth,navy had only 16 warships ,the army was also small

  • American parts,July1,1812,Britsh Britan,135 ports,

  • Canada,July12,1812,hull,Brock,defeat,defeat

  • Amirica,August 19,1812,United States,British,16,7,000men

  • Lake Erie,10,1813,United states,enmy,Detroit,Ghent,27,1814,forces,Creek,creeks

  • Nation's capitial,Washington D.C.,24,1814,United States,British,British,white

  • United States,4,1809,Madison,Nattive Americans,

  • WashingtonD.C.henry,September 13,1814, Americans,British,Americans defeat the British at Fort McHenry, National anthem created by Francis Scott key,

  • Hartford Connecticut,December 15,1814,United States,British, Independence from Britian

  • Ghent,Benigium,December 24,1814,United States British,U.S.officially independent Allowed to e Amiricans,Treaty of Ghent signed ended war,

  • New Orleans,Battle,January 8,1815,United States:Andrew Jaskson,British,Andrew Jackson won a stunning victory over the British

  • congress,june 18,1812,congress,british impressing saliors,nativve americans countied to atack frotier settlement

  • ghent,march 27 1814,americans /anderew forces, creek,creeks had to give up miiloons of ancers of land