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War of 1812

  • Actual war of 1812

    Actual war of 1812
    The american went into battle against it's formal country of Britian. The first 6 months did not go well for the U.S. and the British was capturing everything, but we pulled together in the end.
  • Second War

    Second War
    Great Britain and France had been at war since 1793. The United States, which traded with both countries, was caught in the middle. Britain blocked all French seaports and insisted that U.S. ships first stop at a British port and pay a fee before continuing to France. Britian was also interfering in the affairs of Canada, America's neighbor. The War of 1812 was also known as the second war to independence
  • Impressment

    Impressment was when British were going on to American ships and was making Americans be in the British army.
  • Battle of Frenchtown

    Battle of Frenchtown
    The battle was a bloody one. The British and Indian allies repel Kentucky troops. There were a few American Survivors, but they ended up being killed in the Raisin Rive Massacre, which was also a bloody battle.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    This was fought in central Alabama. The was two groups on this battle. One was called Upper Creeks and these guys opposed the American expansion and sided with the British and Spanish during the War of 1812. The Lower creek has a stronger realationship with the United states.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Treaty of Ghent
    This was a treaty restored relations between two nations. There was a war after this treaty was signed because the other battle group did not know that the peace treaty was signed.
  • Battle of North Point

    Battle of North Point
    This war was resulted when a British invasion fleet landed thousands of troop near Baltimore. These same forces had only three weeks earlier attacked and burned much of Washington.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    This certain battle lasted from December to January. This war was the final major battle in the war of 1812. The British army came over and tried to take over our country, but luckily we won.