Violin Literacy Timeline

Timeline created by 6_Penguins
  • Started Playing Violin

    I started playing violin in the summer orchestra program.
  • Joined Elementary School Orchestra

    I joined my elementary school orchestras for 4th and 5th grade
  • Elementary Chamber Orchestra

    I was able to join the chamber orchestra select group in 5th grade because of practicing on my own, even though I didn't take private lessons yet.
  • Began Private Lessons

    I started taking private lessons with Julie Willey
  • Quit Band

    I quit playing flute so I could focus more on violin
  • Joined Middle School Orchestra

    I played in my middle school orchestra for my entire middle school experience
  • Middle School Chamber Orchestra

    I auditioned into Chamber Orchestra at Chippewa, even though it took me two tries
  • MYS 1st year

    I auditioned into Philharmonic Orchestra at MYS. This was my first time playing in an orchestra outside of school
  • First Orchestra Retreat

    MYS was my first ever orchestra retreat and I was overwhelmed by how many hours we rehearsed each day
  • MYS 2nd year

    A lot of my friends joined me in my second year in Philharmonic Orchestra and this was the first time I had a lot of fun playing with so many friends in an orchestra.
  • Joined High School Orchestra

    I joined Mounds View Orchestra
  • Created Quintet

    I created a string quintet with my friends
  • First Laurention

    Laurention has always been really fun for me, and I really connected with my friends at my first Laurention
  • MYS 3rd year

    I finally got into Repertory Orchestra, and I felt really overwhelmed in a harder orchestra
  • High School Chamber Orchestra

    I was finally able to audition into Chamber for my Junior year.
  • All State Orchestra

    I went to a summer camp for all state orchestra with my friends.
  • First Gig

    My quintet was able to get and play at it's first gig for a charity
  • First Quintet Fundraiser

    My quintet donates all the money we raise, and this was the first event where we were able to collect money.
  • MYS 4th year

    I was disappointed at not being able to move up into the highest orchestra, but I enjoyed being in Repertory now that I was able to keep up more
  • Switched Private Teachers

    I switched private teachers and unfortunately left on kind of bad terms with my first teacher
  • Gig in Bad Weather

    We played a gig in really windy weather and our tent got blown over
  • Virtual Private Lessons

    I started virtual private lessons for violin because of COVID-19