Russel 2

UP timeline

By TAY0034
  • Becoming a fan of Charlez Muntz

    Carl became a fan of Chrarles Muntz
  • Period: to


  • Meeting Ellie

    Carl heres shouting in a house, goes in and meets Ellie and joins the club (Grape Soda Pin)
  • The Promise

    Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on Paradise Falls
  • The Marraige

    Carl and Ellie are married
  • The Dream

    Carl and Ellie starts saving to fulfill there dream to live at Paradise Falls
  • The Death

    Ellie passed away
  • Russell The Scout

    Carl Meets Russell, Russell is looking for his helping the elderly badge
  • Retirement Home For Carl

    Carl is forced to go to a retirement home
  • Balloon Idea

    Carl attaches balloons to his house to fly to Paradise Falls
  • Russell and Kevin

    Russell finds a big bird named Kevin
  • Carl, Russell and Doug

    Carl, Russell and kevin find Doug a talking dog
  • Charlez Muntz

    Carl finds Charlez Muntz
  • Kevin gets injured

    Kevin is hurt and tries to return to her babies
  • The Realisation

    Carl realises that Charlez Muntz is not who he thought he was
  • Kevin Is Caught

    Kevin gets caught by Charlez Muntz
  • Saving

    Carl and Russell find Kevin and save him
  • The Ceremony

    Carl is there to get Russells badge at the end
  • Drigible to the city

    Carl takes Charlez drigible back to the city