• carl becomes a fan of Charles Munce

  • Period: to

    up timeline

  • Period: to

    up timeline

  • Carl Meets Ellie

  • Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on paradise Falls

  • carl and ellie are married

  • Carl and ellie start a ballon salesman job

  • carl and ellie are married

  • ellie wants a baby

  • ellie cant have babies

  • Carl and Ellie save money to fulfil their dream

  • Carl and Ellie grow old together

  • ellie passes away

  • Carl meets Russel a young boy

  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home

  • carl uses balloons to float his house to paradise falls

  • carl and russell decide to walk the house to paradise falls

  • russell finds a big bird and names it Kevin

  • carl and russell meet dug (a talking dog)

  • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Munce

  • carl realises Charles Munce is not who he thought he was

  • Carl places the house on paradise Falls

  • Carl takes Munces blimp back to the city