• Jan 21, 1001

    Carl Becomes A Fan Of Charles Muntz

    Carl Becomes A Fan Of Charles Muntz
  • Jan 21, 1001

    Carl Meets Ellie

    Carl Meets Ellie
  • Jan 22, 1001

    Carl Promises Ellie They will live on paradise falls

  • Jan 23, 1001

    Carl and ellie get married

  • Jan 24, 1001

    Eliie and carl can't have a baby

  • They save money for paradise falls

  • Eliie passes away

  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home

  • Carl deploys hes balloons for paradise falls

  • Carl deployes his balloons for paradise falls

  • Russell find a bird and names it kevin

  • • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Muntz

  • • Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be

  • • Carl and Russell meet Dug

  • • Carl places the house on Paradise Falls

  • • Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city