Up timeline

  • 1 Exposition

    Carl meets Ellie when they are in their toddler years when Carl walks into an abandoned house as she is yelling the famous quote from Charles Muntz, "Adventure is out there!"
  • 2 Expostion

    Ellie shows Carl a picture of Paradise Falls, where she wishes to visit. It is torn out of a library book, and she has taped a picture of the abandoned house to the picture at the top of the falls. Carl then promises Ellie that he will take her there.
  • 3 Expostion

    Carl and Ellie eventually get married, and move into the house that they first met in. They have painted it and made it livable.
  • 4 Exposition

    Ellie gets the terrible news that she is unable to have children of her own.
  • 5 Exposition

    As time passes them and they are both busy with work and their lives, they never get the chance to take the trip to Paradise Falls.
  • 6 Expostion

    Carl surprises Ellie with tickets to Paradise Falls, yet Ellie's declining health forces them to forget about the trip.
  • 7 Exposition

    Ellie eventually passes away, leaving Carl in the house by himself.
  • 8 Rising Action

    Carl meets Russell, tells him to find a bird called a "snipe" to get him out of his hair.
  • 9 Rising Action

    A construction worker comes along and damages Carl's mailbox that he cherishes, because he had painted it with Ellie. The construuction worker then tries to fix it, and Carl hits him on the head with his cane.
  • 10 Rising Action

    Carl goes to a court hearing and gets in trouble for purposely hurting the construction worker. He is then instructed to go into a retirement home, where he will be living.
  • 11 Rising Action

    When the retirement home arrives at Carl's house to pick him up, Carl then goes back inside once he greets them at the door and releases thousands of helium balloons into the air, lifting his home off of its foundation, and into the air.
  • 12 Rising Action

    Carl is comfortably sitting in his armchair as his home is afloat as he hears an obnoxious knocking noise at the door. Russell, who is hanging out the the house as it is in the air, tells Carl that he has been "snipe" searching underneath his porch.
  • 13 Rising Action

    Carl lets Russell into the house as a massive storm sweeps by. The house is caught in the strong winds and Carl manages to tie all of his valuble items down before falling asleep as the storm ends. The next morning, he is awaken by Russell, who informs him that they are right above South America.
  • 14 Rising Action

    Carl releases some of the balloons in order to get the house onto the ground, but instead this makes them land onto the ground alot earlier than expected, and so they are then knocked out of the house.
  • 15 Rising Action

    Meanwhile, a pack of dogs are chasing down a giant bird which they are retreiving for their master. They suddenly lose the scent trail of the bird when they pick up the waves of Carl's hearing aid on their voice transmitters. When Russell stops to go to the bathroom on their way to Paradise Falls, he comes in contact with the giant bird, who he lures in with a bar of chocolate.
  • 16 Climax

    He brings the giant bird back to where Carl has stopped to wait for him, and gives the bird the name Kevin. Kevin then follows them on their journey when they suddenly see a sillouette of a man in the distance. The man appears to be calling out to them. Then, a Golden Retriever approaches them, who appears to be the source of the figure, as well as the voice.
  • 17 Climax

    The pack of dogs seen chasing the giant bird (Kevin) before have now picked up the scent of Carl and Russell. They find them and take them to their master, who is the elderly version of Charles Muntz.
  • 18 Climax

    Charles Muntz invites them in, but then suddenly fidns out that Russell and Carl know where Kevin has run off to, which is what Charles Muntz has been looking for his whole life.
  • 19 Falling Action

    Charles Muntz attempts to catch Kevin by using a giant net. He fails, but is left injured by the net. Carl then decides to leave Kevin since he is injured and is slowing them down.
  • 20 Falling Action

    Carl walks into the house, sits down, and opens the adventure book that he and Ellie made. It is full of pictures and little notes, which he goes through and remembers all of the special times they had together.
  • 21 Falling Action

    Saddened by the fact that Ellie never saw the falls, he is about to close the book when he sees an added picture at the end that Ellie had put in before she passed.
  • 22 Falling Action

    Suddenly happy and content, Carl goes outside to find that Russell has taken some of the balloons and taken off.
  • 23 Falling Action

    Carl then runs back inside and completely empties the house out in order to make it airbourne once again. Following Russell, Carl sees him board Muntz' aircraft as he is strapped to a chair. Carl then rescues him from being strapped down
  • 24 Falling Action

    Carl distracts the dogs with the tennis balls that are attached to his walker as they attempt to take him down.
  • 25 Falling Action

    Carl and Muntz go into a sword fight that causes both of their backs to suddenly go out.
  • 26 Falling Action

    Russell is meanwhile fighting off a pack of Muntz' dogs. They all eventually meet up on top of the aircraftas the house is being held onto.
  • 27 Falling Action

    They all run into the house, where they think they are in safety. Muntz suddenly approaches them and a shoots a rifle toward them which causes the house to slip off.
  • 28 Falling Action

    As Carl holds onto the house, Russell fights off Muntz who is hanging from the house. He then slips and falls off the house, to his death.
  • 29 Falling Action

    As Carl accidentally lets go of the house, he is then forced to move on and let go to the only possesion he has.
  • 30 Falling Action

    Kevin is returned to her home, and Carl takes Russell to his senior explorer ceremony, which he has been working toward.
  • 31 Falling Action

    When Russells dad is not there to present his badge, Carl takes over and gives it to him himself.
  • 32 Falling Action

    Carl gives Russell the badge, which is the grape soda cap that Ellie gave Carl the day they met. He calls it Ellies badge.
  • 33 Falling Action

    Afterwards, Carl takes Russell out for ice cream. They sit on the curb and play a game with the cars passing by
  • 34 Falling Action

    Carl takes over the position of a surrogate grandfather to Russell from that point on.
  • 35 Falling Action

    As they sit on the curb, Muntzs' "Spirit of Adventure" aircraft is parked right above them.
  • 36 Falling Action

    Carl and Russell start talking about future adventures that they will take together.
  • 37 Falling Action

    Carl's home is shown at Paradise Falls, where it has landed right where Ellie drew it in the first picture Carl ever saw of the falls.