UP (movie)

By mor0034
  • carl becomes fan of charls muntz

    at the start of the movie carl is seen watching a documentary film about Charls Muntz.
  • carl meets ellie

    carl is seen "flying" past houses and stops at and old house and meets ellie
  • carl promises to ellie that they live at paradise falls

    ellie climbs into carls room and makes him cross his heart that they will live at paradise falls.
  • carl and ellie get married

    carl and ellie get married and do up the 'club house'
  • they save money to fufil their dream

    carl and ellie save up money to go to paradise falls but having to keep spendeing it
  • ellie passes away

    ellie sadly gets to old and sadly passes away
  • carl meets russell

    carl meets russell when russell tries to get his assisting the elderly badge
  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home

    carl gets to old and has to move into a retierment home.
  • Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for paradise falls

    carl ties balloons tp his house and sets off for paradise falls.
  • Russell finds a big bird and names it Kevin

    russell goes to the toilet in the bushes and finds a big rainbow bird and names it Kevin.
  • Carl and Russell meet Doug the dog

    doug tried to capture Kevin and try to keep her as a prisoner
  • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Muntz

    carl has been pushed by dogs thinking he is a person trying to capture a big rainbow bird like Kevin
  • Russell and carl have dinner with Charles

    Charls offers carl and russell dinner .
  • Kevin gets captured

    Kevin gets traped and gets taken by Charls Muntz
  • Carls house catches on fire

  • Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be

    after all the bad things that Charls Muntz has done carl realises that Charles is not the person he thought he was
  • Carl places the house on Paradise Falls

    carl trys his hardest and puts the house on paradise falls
  • Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city

    carl trys to get russell back to saftey and pushes Charles of his dirigible and takes it back to the city
  • Russell receives the assisting the elderly badge

    after helping carl russell recives the assisting the elderly badge