timeline for up the movie.

By WAR0032
  • Carl becomes a big fan of Charles Muntz.

    he becomes Charles Muntz number 1 fan.
  • Carl is in her club

    Ellie give Carl a bottle top badge
  • Carl meets Ellie

    Carl meets Ellie
    Carl goes to see a Charlez Muntz movie. After he the move he finds Ellie in an adbandon house.
  • Carl makes a promise to ellie

    Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on Paradise Falls.
  • Carl and Ellie are married

    Carl and Ellie are married
    Carl gets Married to Ellie
  • Ellie finds out she cant have babies

    She trys but it just dont work.
  • They save money to fulfil their dream.

    They save heaps of money to fufil their dreams to go to Paridise Falls. but they keep on losing the money
  • Carl and Russell meet Dug

  • Charles burns down the house.

  • Ellie passes away

    Ellie dies
  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home.

  • Carl meets Russel

    Carl meets a kid named Russle
  • Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for Paradise Falls.

    He floats away in a house with ballons making it fly.
  • They arrive at their destination

    They arrive in south america, near Parradise falls.
  • Russell finds a big bird and names it Kevin

    Russle finds a massive bird. He names it Kevin
  • Carl meets his childhood hero Charles Muntz.

  • Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be.

    Carl dosnt like Charles Muntz.
  • Carls house lands on paradise falls from the wind

  • Carl places the house on Paradise Falls.

  • Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city