The Film UP

By BRA0030
  • Carl becomes a fan of Charles Muntz

  • Period: to

    Up Timeline

    The UP timeline dates
  • Carl meets Ellie

  • Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on paradise falls.

  • Carl and Ellie get married.

  • They save money to fulfil their dream

  • Carl and Ellie find out they can't have children.

  • Ellie passes away.

  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home

  • Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for Paradise Falls

  • Carl finds Russell under his house

  • • Carl places the house on Paradise Falls

  • Carl and Russell find a big bird and call it Kevin.

  • Car and Russell find a dog called Dug.

  • Carl takes Dug in.

  • Carl meets his childhood hero Charles Muntz

  • Carl finds out Charles is not as nice as he seemed to be.

  • Charles sets Carls house on fire.

  • Carl places his house on paradis falls.

  • Carl and Russell get Kevin to her babies.

  • Carl and Russell go back home in Charles Muntz Drigible.

  • Carl gives Russell his 'Helping The Elderly' Badge.