Up timeline project

  • Childhood hero

    Carl becomes a fan of Charles Muntz
  • Meeting a friend

    Carl meets Ellie
  • tremendous moment

    Carl and Ellie are married
  • New begining

    They renovate the house
  • Horrible information

    Ellie finds out she can't have a baby
  • A promise

    Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on Paradise Falls
  • Saving up

    They save money to fulfil their dream
  • How could this happen

    Ellie passes away
  • A new friendship

    Carl meets Russlel
  • Losing everything

    Carl is forced to go to a retirement home
  • Jokes escape

    Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for Paradise Falls
  • New species!

    Russell finds a big bird and names it Kevin
  • Mansbest friend

    Carl a Russel meet Dug
  • OMG!

    Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Muntz
  • Not the real you

    Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be
  • This is the end

    They fight on the dirigible
  • Promise completed

    Carl places the house on paradise falls
  • New life

    He sees the birds when there born
  • Going home

    Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city