By Her0007
  • Starting

    Carl starts to become a fan of Charles Muntz.
  • Meeting Ellie

    Meeting Ellie
    Carl meets Ellie and makes promise to get a house on paradise falls
  • Marriage

    Carl and Ellie get married
  • Money jar

    Money jar
    Carl and Ellie start saving money in hope to fulfill their dream of going to South America but they have to keep using the money
  • Ellie dies

    Ellie dies
    Ellie dies and carl promises to get the dream house on paradise falls
  • Over excited Russell

    Over excited Russell
    Carl meets Russell
  • Following

    Russell starts to follow Carl
  • Mailman

    Carl hits mailman
  • Retierment home

    Carl is forced to go to a retirement home
  • Up Up and Away!

    Carl takes off in his house into the skies with baloons attachted to his house
  • Kevin

    Russell finds a big bird and named it Kevin
  • Dug

    Carl and Russell meet the doggy dug
  • Charles Muntz

    Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be
  • City

    Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city
  • Russell

    Russell gets his scouts badge to go to seniors