Carl from The Walking Dead

  • First appearance

    First appearance
    Carl first appears on The Walking Dead television series in the season one episode "Days Gone By". Still assuming his father is dead, Carl is with his mom and his dad's best frien, Shane, in a small camp outside Atlanta.
  • Rick arrives

    Rick arrives
    In the episode, "Tell It to the Frogs", Rick comes back with the group from Atlanta to find Lori and Carl. Carl is ecstatic to find out his father is alive.
  • Carl gets shot

    Carl gets shot
    In season two, Carl was with Rick and Shane in the woods when they see a deer. As Carl gets closer to see the deer, he gets shot by a man who didn't see him and was trying to get the deer. He's rushed to Hershel's farmhouse where they remove the bullet fragments and Carl heals. They eventually stay at the farmhouse and collide with Hershel's group.
  • Carl has to shoot his mom

    Carl has to shoot his mom
    In season three, the group find themselves living in a prison. After someone allows walkers to enter the prison, everyone has to split up. Carl gets separated with his mom and Maggie, and his mom goes into labor. Maggie is forced to perform a C-section, in which Carl's mom says goodbye to Carl and passes away from the procedure. Carl takes the responsibility to shoot his mom so she doesn't turn. This changes Carl to be more cold.
  • Carl growing up

    Carl growing up
    In season four, they have made the prison secure and Rick is keeping Carl from guns to try to keep him from going cold. In this time, Carl has a hard time socializing with other kids his age, and is trying to figure out who he is. He does a lot of growing up in this time.
  • Carl becomes Independent

    Carl becomes Independent
    When the prison is bombed by the Governor, Carl saves his severely injured dad and gets them to a safeplace. Once there, Rick sleeps through the first day, in which Carl believes he's either dying or already dead. He finds food and fights off walkers by himself, claiming his independence from his dad.
  • Carl meets a girl

    Carl meets a girl
    In season five, the group finds a gated community that is actually safe for them. As they begin settling, Carl meets Enid - a girl who lost her family and only found this community eight months prior. They grow a special bond and eventually share a kiss in the next season. This is the only person Carl's own age that he grew close to.
  • Carl gets shot...again

    Carl gets shot...again
    When their community gets overun by walkers, Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Jessie along with her two sons. When Jessie and her youngest son are taken by the walkers, her oldest son, Ron, pulls a gun on Rick, blaming him for the death of his family. Michonne stabs him, but not before he shoots a bullet straight through Carl's right eye. He's rushed to the doctor in town and miraculously survives, wearing a patch over his eye for the rest of his life.
  • Carl is seen as an adult

    Carl is seen as an adult
    In season seven, there aren't any extravagant events taking place circled around Carl. However, Rick, and some of the other leaders in the communities begin to see Carl as an equal instead of just a kid. In fact, Carl is the one who convinces Rick to rise up and fight the Saviors to get their their freedom back.
  • Carl gets bit

    Carl gets bit
    With Rick too focused on the Saviors, Carl reminds him they can't stop helping people. He stops Rick from killing a stranger they find while preparing the attack on the Saviors, and eventually finds him again to help him and bring him to their community. On their way, they encounter a group of walkers, and in the scuffle, Carl gets bit in his abdomen. He hides the bite from everyone and spends the rest of the day with Judith, and writing letters.