Carl gustav hempel

Carl Gustav (Peter) Hempel

  • Birth of Carl Hempel

    Birth of Carl Hempel
    Carl Gustav Hempel or in better words Peter was born on the 18th of January in 1905 in Oranienburg, Germany. In 1925 Carl Hempel started to study Philosophy of science.
  • The Raven Paradox

    The Raven Paradox
    Another one of his greatest accomplishments is the Raven Paradox it was written in 1940. This Paradox is known by a couple titles, it's been known as the Raven Paradox, Hempel’s Paradox, or Hemple’s Ravens. The Raven Paradox came about from the uprising question of what constitutes evidence for a statement. YouTube video:
  • Logical Empiricism

    Logical Empiricism
    Peter was a major figure in the idea of Logical Empiricism established in 1945. Logical Empiricism is an observation in assessing the truth of statements of fact and holding that metaphysical and subjective arguments not based on observable data are meaningless. Karl Popper worked on the Theory of Empiricism and when I researched Peter, I found that he was one of the theories contributors.
  • Scientific Explanation

    Scientific Explanation
    Peter is also known for the “Standard Model “of scientific explanation it was published in 1965. Carl Hemple believed that the theory of explanation and the paradoxes of confirmation were the basic elements of the theory of science.
  • The death of Carl Hemple

    The death of Carl Hemple
    The great Carl Gustav ( Peter ) Hempel died on November 9th 1997 in Princeton, New Jersey. Resources: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, YouTube Video :