Timeline for the movie UP

By Chook15
  • Carl becomes a huge fan of Charles Mutz

  • Carl meets Ellie

  • Carl promises Ellie he will take her to Paradise Falls

  • Carl Marries Ellie

  • They save money to fulfil their dream

  • Ellie passes away

  • Carl is forced to go into retirment home

  • Carl ties balloons to his house and sets off to Paradise Falls

  • Carl finds out that Russell was on his floating houses front porche

  • Russell finds a big bird and call her Kevin

  • Carl and Russell find a dog called Dug

  • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Mutz

  • Carl realises that Charles Mutz isnt the man he is thought to be

  • Carl place the house on top of Paradise Falls

  • Carl and Charles have a fight on top the blip

  • The house falls off the blip

  • Carl thinks that Russell, Dug and Kevin didn't make it

  • Carl and Russell take Kevin back to her babies

  • Carl takes mutzs blip back to the city

  • Carl takes Russell back to his Wilderness Explorer presentation

  • Theygo have ice-cream and play a game at Fettin's