Timeline for movie 'Up'

By gla0004
  • Carl becomes a fan of Charles Muntz

    Carl watches a film about Charles Muntz and becomes an immediate fan because he is wearing goggles and a hat just like Charles Muntz.
  • Carl meets Ellie

    Carl walks past a house and hears a girl's voice and it sounds like she's playing the same game that he is. Carl walks in and is immediatly apart of the Charles Muntz club. They become the best of friends from then on.
  • Carl and Ellie are married

    Carl and Ellie enjoyed being with eachother so much that they decided to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.
  • Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on Paradise Falls

    Carl promises Ellie that they would persue their life long dream together and live on Paradise Falls.
  • They save money to fulfil their dream

    If they wanted to live on Paradise Falls they needed to save up for it. Everyday Carl and Ellie would add a coin or a few to their jar.
  • Ellie passes away

    Days went by and Ellie became very sick and one day she passed away. Carl was devistated and alone because they did everything together. Carl was very grumpy and sad from then on.
  • Carl meets Russell

    A wilderness explorer called Russell visits Carl at his front door. Russell wants to cross something with Carl so he can get his helping the elderely badge and become a senior wilderness explorer. Carl is bugged by this and tells Russell to look for a (made up creature) Snipe.
  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home

    Carl is forced to go to a retirement home because he hit a man over the head with his wooden stick the previous morning when his mailbox got knocked over by a reversing truck.
  • Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for Paradise Falls

    The morning of the day when Carl was supposed to go to the retirement home he tied balloons to the roof of his house. A moment later he realised that Russell was flying away with him on the pattio.
  • Russell finds a big bird and names it Kevin

    While walking to Paradise Falls they find a big bird and Russell begs Carl to keep it. Russell finally gets his way and calls the bird Kevin.
  • Carl and Russell meet Dug

    Along the way Carl and Russell find a friendly dog whose name is Dug. Dug has a collar which allows hime to talk in different languages.
  • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Muntz

    Carl meets Charles Muntz while walking to Paradise Falls. Carl and Russell are allowed to have a look inside the dirigible and eat lunch with Charles Muntz.
  • Carl realises something about Charles Muntz

    While eating with Charles Muntz the discussion changes to the big bird that he has been looking for for all these years. Russell accidently says that they have the bird and Charles Muntz is angry that they didn't say anything before. They get away.
  • Charles Muntz sets Carl's house on fire

    Just as Carl and Russell were letting Kevin free to live with her family Charles Muntz comes. A large piece of net is flung around Kevin and she can't get away. To get Carl away from the bird Charles Muntz sets Carl's house on fire. Carl stops the fire before it burns his house but Kevin is taken away.
  • Carl places the house on Paradise Falls

    After Kevin gets taken away Carl starts leading his house to Paradise Falls. Carl finally arrives there but Russell uses a leaf blower to fly himself to Kevin.
  • Carl finds Ellie’s adventure book

    When Carl is settled back into his house he finds Ellie's adventure book and starts to read. At the end of the book Ellie left a note for him and it said: thankyou for the fantastic adventure, now you have yours. At that moment Carl realises that he has to save Kevin.
  • Carl, Russell and Dug send Kevin back to her home

    Carl finds Russell and saves Kevin as well as Dug. Charles Muntz gets thrown off his dirigible and falls from the sky. Carl and Russell take kevin back to her family in the dirigible (because the house fell from the sky with Charles) and let her go.
  • Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city

    Carl and Russell fly the dirigible back to the city with Dug and Charles Muntz's dogs as well.
  • Carl pins the grape soda badge on Russell’s sash

    Russell goes to his wilderness explorer ceremony to become a senior but his Dad doesn't show up to pin the badge onto him. Carl comes and not only pins the explorer badge but the grape soda badge which used to be his and Ellie's club badge.