UP movie project

  • carl becomes a fan of Charls Muntz

    Carl is a young child at 5 years old and loves Charles Muntz
  • Carl meets Ellie

    He sees an old abandoned house and hears sounds so he walks in and meets Ellie.
  • Carl and Ellie get married

    Carl and Ellie get married 15 years from when they first met
  • Carl and Ellie Save money to fulfil their dream

    Carl And Ellie decide that they want to save money to go to paradise falls. But unfortunatly they have to spend the money for reasons like damage to the house.
  • Ellie passes away

    Ellie passed away at 67 years old.
  • Carl meets Russle

    Carl meets Russle because Russle is a senior explorer and needs to help the elderly to earn his last badge
  • Carl is forced to go to the retirment home

    Carl is forced to go to the retirement home but he doesnt really want to so what will he do........
  • Carl has balloons coming out of the chinmy

    Carl has thousands of balloons coming out of the chinmy so he can float in the air to paradise falls.
  • russle find a big bird in Paradise Falls and names it Kevin

    Whenc they are in Paradise Falls Russle finds a massive bird that is extreamly rear.
  • Carl and Russle meet Dug

    Dug is a dog that they meet along the way
  • Carl meets his childhood hero

    Carl meets Charles Muntz........ but is he the person Carl thought he is.
  • Carl finds out muntz isnt the person he thought he was

    muntz is after them and finds out that they have the big bird named kevin.
  • Carl and Russle are on their way back

    They stole the dirigable because muntz fell off. But ....... Carls house is gone ....... the only thing that remined him of his past wife is now gone.
  • Carl and Russle get icecream

    They sat on the kirb and ate ice-cream after his senior explorer cerermony