UP the movie

  • carl is a fan of muntz

    carl becomes a fan of charles muntz and he is his childhood inspiration.
  • carl meets ellie

    carl is walking home and hears ellie and they become friends
  • saving money for paradise falls

    carl and ellie try to save money for the fulfil dream but they keep on having problems with other thing and they have to start using the money.
  • carl and ellies special day

    carl and ellie get marrid in a church
  • carl makes a promise

    carl promises ellie as a child that they WILL own a house on paradise falls in south america
  • bye ellie

    ellie sadly passes away and leaves carl by himself
  • carl is going to fly away

    carl sets up lots of balloons and ties them to his house and then he flies away before the he has to go to the retirement village. he is planning to fly to paradise falls
  • hello retirement home

    carl is forced to go to a retirement home because of his old age and the people believe that he is not able of living by himself
  • carl meets charles muntz

    carl meets charles muntz and finds out that he is not the kind of person that he was like in the movie. they get into trouble with charles and he tryes to kill them.
  • russell finds something

    once the balloons started to loose the air the house went closer to the ground and the had to drag the house and russell went to the toileyt and had some chocolate and the bird came out for the chocolate. this bird is a snipe.
  • carl and russell meet a talking dog

    carl and russell are walking with the house and the bird russell named kevin. charles muntz has dogs looking for this bird. the dog comes out of nowhere and damands to take the bird as a prisoner but, russell doesn't let dug (the dog) take the bird
  • carl finally makes it to paradise falls

    carl keeps going once he gets out of charles muntz house. carl moves on and leaves the bird with charles muntz and takes the house to paradise falls.
  • bye russell

    russell leaves carl to go get kevin from charles muntz. carl goes after russell and gets kevin and when charles tries to kill russell and himself carl gets kevin and tries to leave but charles gets his dogs to find carl and russell. carl and russell set kevin free back to her babys