Timeline for the move "Up".

By hen0035
  • Carl becomes a fan of Charles Muntz.

    At the start of the movie, you see a younger Carl in awe watching a film about Charles Muntz.
  • Carl meets Ellie.

    After watching a very exciting film, Carl stops at a shabby looking house and decides to investigate.
  • Carl and Ellie get married.

    Car and Ellie get married and start a wonderful adventure together.
  • Carl promises Ellie they will have a house on Paradise Falls.

    Ellie really wants to go on an adventure to Paradise Falls and Carl promises her they will get there.
  • They save money to fulfil their dream.

    Carl and Ellie have a small jar that collects spare change that will hopefully save up to go to Paradise Falls.
  • Ellie passes away.

    After spending many fun years together, Ellie gets old and passes away. Carl is very depressed and promises her he will get them to Paradise Falls.
  • Carl meets Russel.

    There is a knock on the door and Carl opens it to find and over excited Wilderness Explorer kid named Russel who is trying to help Carl.
  • Carl is forced to go to a retirement home.

    Sadly, after Carl got a bit too angry at someone he is forced to go to a retirement home.
  • Carl uses balloons to float his house and sets off for Paradise Falls.

    When the retirement home people came to collect Carl, he tricks them into letting him stay in his house for a bit longer and then he sets off the balloons.
  • Russel finds a big bird and names it Kevin.

    After feeling bery pleased with himself, Carl heres a knock on the door and finds Russel. Carl lets Russel in and they spend the rest of the journey together. When they land, Russel then finds a big, stange bird and calls it Kevin.
  • Carl and Russel meet Dug.

    Whist dragging the house to Paradise Falls, Carl, Russel and Kevin run into a loving dog named Dug. He can talk English by a very clever collar that translates his thoughts.
  • Carl meets his childhood hero, Charles Muntz.

    Carl finally gets to meet his childhood hero, Charles Muntz and thinks his life is complete.
  • 13. Carl realises that Charles Muntz is not the person he thought he would be.

    After thinking he has achieved his biggest goal, Carl realizes that Charles Muntz is not the kind person he thought he was.
  • Charles Muntz sets Carls house on fire.

    Narrowly escaping Charles Muntz's grasp, Carl runs into Charles again and Charles sets his house on fire. Charles Muntz then takes Kevin into captivity.
  • Carl paces the house on Paradise Falls.

    Fuming and angry, Carl finally places his house on Paradise Falls.
  • 16. Carl finds Ellie’s adventure book and finds out she’s already had an adventure.

    Carl sits down inside his house and looks through Ellies adventure book. He looks through the pages and finds out that she has already had a big adventure of her own.
  • Carl, Russel and Dug send Kevin back to her home.

    After saving Kevin from Charles Muntz, Carl, Russel and Dug send Kevin back to her rightful home.
  • Carl takes Muntz’s dirigible back to the city.

    Happy that Kevin is safe and sound, Carl, Russel and Dug take Charles Muntz's dirigible back to the city.
  • Carl pins the grape soda badge on Russel’s sash.

    After a HUGE adventure, Carl and Dug come to Russel's Wilderness Explorer presentation. Carl gives Russel the grape soda badge that Ellie gave to Carl when he was little.