Carl Sandburg's Life

By cnruncw
  • Carl's Birth

    Carl's Birth
    In 1878, January 6 Carl was born in Kanssas and his parents moved from swedden.
  • Carls Life

    Carls Life
    Carl's Parents were not wealthy at all and when Carl had to work for his parents he had to drop out of middle school
  • Carls jobs

    Carls jobs
    After working some unusual jobs like stacking bricks, ahoe shineing, and a cafe employee he found a job that payed more than otheres. he joined the Spanish- American war on the American side.
  • High School

    High School
    After takeing a bullet in the ankle he droped out of the army and decided to earn his deploma and go to collage.
  • Sandburg's Motovation

    Sandburg's Motovation
    Carl earned his deploma at the age 21. during his high school year of a freshman he took intrest in writeing from a man mamed proffesor Phillip green who taught him to write poetry.
  • Carl's Poetry

    Carl's Poetry
    Carl wrote Freverse ( freely write about anythin you want to ) and he preformed a coffe shopes and diners for a wile.
  • Carls famous poem

    Carls famous poem
    When carl wrote this poem it made him well known through the country side. Its called A Coin.
  • Carls performences

    Carls performences
    Carl was well known for playing getarduring his performences in Texas, Montana, And Indiana
  • Carls death

    Carls death
    Carl died July 22nd 1967 and he was beried in a cedar wood coffin that afternoon. unfortinentily ther is no picture of his coffin. His loss will be a grave impact of the poetry world. he lived nearly one hundred years.