Unit 4 timeline Louis zapata muggenborg

By zapatal
  • Watts steame engine

    Watts steame engine
    used the steame to allow for boats to be able to travel faster on water. It allowed for faster transportation of goods across rivers.
  • spinnig jenny

    spinnig jenny
    was invented by James Hargreaves. The jenny helped alow for people to produce yarn. A worker would be able to do more work. Slaves were used to operate the machinery in plantations.
  • Period: to

    Britiain take over india

    After the sepoy rebellion the british empire stepped in after the conflict of the sepoy rebellion. It wold lead to the british imposing taxes and taking control of the goverment.
  • Brittain outlaws slave trade

    Brittain outlaws slave trade
    Brittain decided that slavery was wrong and encouraged other countries to give up slavery. the put high tariffs on anybody who was involved in the slave trade.
  • telegraph

    The telegraph was used to transfer messages through a system of Morse code. The invention allowed for information to be transfred more easily. It was an early invention of telephone.
  • Period: to

    Mexicain independence

    Was a war between the spanish rulers and the mexicain colonials. Two famous heros of the mexicain independence are Pancho Villa and Emellio zapata
  • Period: to

    Brazillian independence

    Was a bunch of political disputes between Portugal and brazil. The prince of portugal announced that brazil would become independent.
  • Period: to

    Greek independence

    Was the independence movement of greek from the ottoman empire. The greek independence was later supported by many othe eropean nations. It was supported because many like the greeks for their art and histoy.
  • Period: to

    Afrikaners great trek

    Was the dutch people caled Afrikanners who decided to move away from the cape colony and move more inward to seek independence.
  • Period: to

    opium wars

    Was a war fought between the british empire and the chinnese. The british wanted china to accept its opium but it wouldnt which led to war and the chinnese losing beijing.
  • end of the atlantic slave trade

    end of the atlantic slave trade
    along with othe countries brittain send various ships and squads of people to frica and helped control the flow africain slaves.
  • Period: to

    Taiping Rebellion

    was a civil war in southern china by the herdox christian onvert to hong xiuquan. Was the deadliest civil war ever in history.
  • Commodore matheww perry in japan

    Commodore matheww perry in japan
    Matheww perry traveled to japan and demanded that japan opens its ports to other people and demanded that they get involved in market
  • Period: to

    crimean war

    Was a war fought between the allies of europe versus the russian empire. The war was fought in the criemean penisula and resulted in the allies winning territories of the ottoman empire.
  • Period: to

    Sepoy rebellion

    was a mutinity of sepoys who were indians that worked for the british. The sepoy rebellion demanded better rights and led to much arm conflict.
  • Emancipation of the russian serfs

    Emancipation of the russian serfs
    was a reform led by aexander the great iii. Along with othe reforms outlawed all sefs law and released them free. Because after the visit of europe inspired him
  • Meiji restoration

    Meiji restoration
    restored imperial rule in japan. This le led to the people going back to a emperor and led to political and social reforms.
  • suez canal

    suez canal
    Allows tranportation between europe and asia so you dont have to go around africa. it is located in eygpt
  • Period: to

    Imperialization of Africa

    Was a scramble for africa. The major europeans power scrambled to gain vast territories of africa who were not governed and led to vast areas being occupied.
  • Period: to

    boxer rebellion

    was led by th queen in japan who did not like westerners coming to china so she supported a rebellion to savotge the westerners.
  • aswan canal

    located near the nile river. it helped regulate water flow.
  • Africa national congress

    Africa national congress
    was founded by many important africain leaders. The organization was founded to help protect the rights of africains and to look after the beter goof of the africain americain.
  • overthrow of the qing

    was defeated after a rebellio
  • panama canal

    panama canal
    formed by canal and was suported by the us to allow for faster travel
  • water frame

    water frame
    The water frame was an early invention during the industrial rvolution. The water frame allowed for water to be used as energy for people. They were mostly set up near rivers and streams.
  • cotton gin

    cotton gin
    was invented by whitney. seperates the cotton fibers from the seed. The machine help make the process much faster and saved time. It allowed fo more cotton products to increase.