Underground to Canada

  • Chapter One

    Mammy Sally told Julilly about the slave trader. She said that they have to pray hard to keep them all together and that they might be seperated.Mammy Sally told Julilly that there was a slave trader in town and that they might be seperated.Mammy Sallly told Julilly a secret. She said there was a place slaves went to, Canada, there was no slavery allowed and if she went there she would be free.
  • Chapter Two

    The slave trader was a big man with a short yhick neck. His faded brown hair was tangled and dirty. He had liitle green eyes. The slave trader stopped infront of Julilly and examined her. He thought she wiuld be able to work well so he picked her. He told her to get in the car.She looked at Mammy Sally and Mammy said to get in the car. Tears ran down their cheeks, then they wre seperated. Three men were picked to make sure none of the slaves tried to sneak out. They were Ben, Lester and Adam.
  • Chapter Three

    The drive in the wagon was very depressing for Julily. Whenever a turn came Julilly would expect Mammy Sally to be there standing tall and strong but she never was.As the water came down Julilly and the rest of the slaves were very thirsty. Then the white man came and gave them water.
    The fat man came back and scolded the slaves for talking to the white man and the boy.
  • Chapter 4

    The swamp water mud sucked down the chains of Sam and Adam. After Lester helped them up it started to rain. Sims and the driver took cover but there was no place for Julilly and the rest of the children. Some of them were sucked in by the muddy, swampy water and Julilly helped them out.
  • Chapter 5

    Julilly, Adam, Lester, Ben and the other slaves reached the Riley Plantation. They all see Miss Riley and Massa Riley.
  • Chapter 6

    Julilly made a friend Liza. They talked about what happened in their lives. Liza told Julilly about what whould happen every day at the plantation. The next day Julilly and Liza went to pick cotton from the fields. They ate supper and talked about Canada.
  • Chapter 7

    The talk about Canada continued. That day Julilly felt like something was going to happen, something good. That day Alexander Ross came, the man from Canada. The same day Julilly got whipped for the first time.
  • Chapter 8

    Julilly wanted to talk Liza but Sims was too close. Just so she wouldn’t get whipped again she increased her cotton picking speed. Massa Ross picked Lester and Adam to help him find the birds. Julilly knew she had to talk to Lester soon but she didn’t know when. All the girls in the slave cabins where whispering about Canada and Mr. Ross.
  • Chapter 9

    Julilly got to talk to Lester as it was a Sunday. Lester hurriedly told Julilly that Massa Ross was trying to help some slaves escape. Lester told her not to tell anyone but Liza. They were to meet at a tree after the siren. That was when they were given instructions and directions.
  • Chapter 10

    Julilly and Liza were very quiet the next day in the cotton field. At night Julilly suggested they sleep early as they need all the sleep they can get. It was quite hard for Julilly as she couldn’t stop thinking about the escape. It was time they all gathered in an area Massa Ross told them not to stop for anyone and to follow the North Star. He wished them luck and returned back to the Big House. After walking they decided to take a break. They took turns looking out.
  • Chapter 11

    Julilly and Liza wanted to know how they would know they reached Tennessee and what would happen after that. Lester explained that he would read the sign which told them. Then either Massa Ross or someone Massa Ross sent would be there to take them. The way they would identify the person was by the password.
  • Chapter 12

    They were all in the wagon on their way to the barn. Along the way they met men on horseback from the Riley Plantation. The men were looking for Julilly, Adam, Lester and Liza. Since they were hiding under the hay, they were not caught and sent back. When they reached the barn, they found food lying on the table. Adam and Lester went across the stream to fish. Julilly and Liza heard barking while eating and storing food. They realized Adam and Lester had been caught. They took the compass.
  • Chapter 13

    They met the 'Minnonites'. The Minnonites helped the girls mentally and physically. They gave them hope and restored their faith. They also gave them food and clean clothes to wear.
  • Chapter 14

    The girls met Jeb and Ella Brown. They told Julilly and Liza about Lester and Adam. Jeb and Ella told the girls about the ‘Underground Railway’.
  • Chapter 15

    Jeb Brown dropped Julill and Liza of across the river in his row boat. From there they were put in a cart
  • Chapter 16

    They meet Levi Cofflin and Aunt Katie. They gave Julilly and Liza clothes and food.
  • Chapter 17

    When they reached Cleveland they met Massa Ross. They were told about Lester andv Adam's death.
  • Chapter 18

    They get on the boat and staret their journey across the water. There they alomost have an encounter with the slave catchers.
  • Chapter 19

    They reach Canada and reunite with Mammy Sally and Lester. Now in Canada they will start their now life as free citizens, not claves