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Shattering Glass / Garcia

By Vgarcia
  • Hangin out

    Chapter 19, Flashback
    Young spends more time with Simon and so do the other guys but they dont want Rob to know.
  • Writing

    Chapter 20, Flashback
    Young writes about what he found out about Rob. Wants to let it all out.
  • Even more Controlling

    Chapter 21, Flashback
    Rob forces Young to break up with the love of his life Ronna for a girl that Rob set him up to be with. He tells him to break up with her because Simon likes Ronna.
  • Simon

    Rob is mad at Simon for his prank. Simon is mad and acts sinister in the supply closet.
  • Elections for class favorite begin

    They think that Rob and Simon should both win class favorite. Rob lies about his dad.
  • Tough break

    Chapter 24, Flashback.
    Young gets in the habite of following Simon and Ronna. Then he sits outside ronnas house watching her.
  • Exceptance

    Coop gets excepted to TCU and has a scholorship.Simon throws a big party for Coop witch helps his popularity.
  • The Dance

    Young hates seeing Simon with Ronna and wants to leave the Dance but Rob commands him to stay.
  • Awards

    The awards are being presented and Simon wins Wittiest and Rob wins Class favorite. Rob is increadable mad.
  • Beatings

    Chapter 28, Symbolism
    Rob finds out what Simon did to make Rob win.
    Baseball Bat: Death, Greif, Anger Simon is beat to death with a bat. Bob helps and hurts Coop in the procces.
  • Lance Ansley, First encounters

    Lance Ansley, First encounters
    Chapter 1, Flashback.
    Lance Ansley messes with Simon Glass, school nerd. Rob, Most popular guy in school steps in and helps Simon out. Simon is amazed that Rob is helping him.
  • Rob Haynes and Simon Glass, Changing from frog to Prince

    Chapter 2, Flashback
    Rob decides that he is going to try and make Simon Popular. All Robs friends dont understand whats going on or why he would even want to make Simon popular.
  • All the guys, The transformation begins

    Chapter 3, Flashback
    Everyone in Robs little ciircle of friends is starting to like the idea of helping Simon out. They want to help Rob help Simon.
  • The school, People notice

    Chapter 4, Flashback
    People in the commons were amazed to see Rob, Coop, Young, and Bobster hanging out with Simon. Even They seem to be amazed by it.
  • Rob and stereotypes

    Chapter 5, Level of questions, level 3
    What is a stereotype? Are they in schools?
    I think that a stereotype is a way that people socially rank other people. examples would be Jock, Nerd, and Skater. I do believe that there are stereotypes in schools. It is like a social ranking. People like you or they dont depending on what stereotype that you have been put into.
  • Fitting in

    Chapter 6, Flashback.
    Young catches Rob looking through the yearbooks seeing who was popular and who wasnt when he first arrived/transfered. Rob didnt want to get stuck in the unpopular crowd.
  • Simon, Change Everything!

    Chapter 7, Flashback
    Rob, Coop, Young, and Bobster take simon to the mall to get a make over. He gets new clothes and a new hair style.
  • Young, Approval

    Chapter 8, Flashback
    Young and everybody else in Robs group desperatly want Robs approval on everything. They want to please him.
  • The new Simon

    Chapter 9, Flash back
    Simon comes to school on monday and everything is changed. People cant believe that this good looking guy is actually Simon Glass, Nerd extrodanare!
  • Its all coming together now!

    Chapter 10, Flashback
    Simon isnt done yet because Rob has more tricks up his sleeves!
    Bobster is elected to teach Simon how to drive. If at first you fail, try try again!
  • Inside the computer

    Chapter 11, Flashback
    Simon is going to hack into the schools computer network to help Young. Young also agrees to mess with lances attendance records.
  • Secrets

    Chapter 12, Flashback
    Siman and Young set out to find out what secrets Rob is hiding from them.They find out and wish that they never had.
  • Homecoming

    Chapter 13, Flashback
    Simon goes to homecoming. Rob commands him and Young to.
  • Exceptance

    Chapter 14, Flashback
    People are starting to except Simon more and more as the year went on.
  • Control

    Chapter 15, Fashback
    Young is starting to hate Simon more and more. He hates it when he takes control of situations.
  • Tricks

    Chapter 16, Flashback
    Simon plays tricks on Lance to make him more popular and Lance less popular.
  • Driving

    Chapter 17, Flashback
    Simon Gets his license and completes another step to getting popular.
  • Christmas

    Simon gives Coop and Young christmas presents that benifit them both.