Important events XX & XXI

  • Juan Peron is elected preseident of Argentina

    Juan Peron is elected preseident of Argentina
    Juan Peron increased the government's economy role.He raised wages and backed labor unions.Peron's government suppressed oppostion and many educated people fled the country . Chapter:33
  • Israel's founding brings attacks by Arab neighbors.

    Israel's founding brings attacks by Arab neighbors.
    Israel accordance with the United Nations Partition Plan. The Palestinian Arabs regarded the UN action as illegitimate. Conflicting claims to this land led to repeated violence. Chapter: 32
    Section: 3
  • South Africa Expands Aprtheid System

    South Africa Expands Aprtheid System
    The government expanded the system of racial segregation making what was known as apartheid,or the separation of the races.
    South Africans were known my race black,white,colored,and Asians.
    Apartheid's supporters stated that it allowed all the races to develop is own culture.
    Chapter: 32
  • Period: to

    Latin America Countries Pursue Policy of Import Substitution

    Many Latin American governments modified a policy of important substitution. Also many new industries needed government help to survive or foregin capital.
    Chapter: 33
  • Period: to

    African Nations Win Independence

    Jomo Kenyatta and Kwame Nkrumah helped to led African nations to independence.All political pressure led to the British and French to give up some African countries to independence. More then half of all African nations suffered military coups. Chapter:31
    Section: 3
  • Deng Xiaoping reforms China's Economy

    Deng Xiaoping reforms China's Economy
    Deng was not really interested in political purity but in improving the economy.Deng's created a program called the Four Modernizations that consisted of emphasized agriculture,industry, science,and defense and lastly defense. chapter:33
  • ''Power power''revolution in the Philippines.

    ''Power power''revolution in the Philippines.
    Corazon Aquino was elected in 1986 as elected. Marcos tried to cheat and oppose the fact that Corazon won electrons.Manila forced him to resign during ''people power'' revolution. Chapter: 31
    Page: 1023
  • Germany Reunits

    Germany Reunits
    Easte Germany and West were reunited after being seperated 45 years. The union brought nationalism and excitement . East Germany's economy was weak and modern. Chapter:34
  • Latin American Nations Move Toward Democracy

    Latin American Nations Move Toward Democracy
    The pressure of democracy made activist and foreign leaders lead the military rulers to restore democracy. Countries that held free elections were Argentina,Brazil,Chile,and some other countries.Some reforms the PRI were that stung corruption,drug scanda and Internal splits .
  • Period: to

    African Nations move toward Deocracy

    Kenyatta was the first leader in Kenya.Who ever was against Kenyatta he would send them to jail.Kenya's first fair election was in 2002 .
  • U.S Led Coalition defeats Iraq in Gulf War.

    U.S Led Coalition defeats Iraq in Gulf War.
    UN banner operated under coalition led by the U.S..Saddam Hussein stayed in power and crushed revolts the majority were Shiite Muslims and the minority were Kurds. He wanted to control Kuwaits cast oil fields and more access to the Persian Gulf. Chapter: 32
    Page: 1058-1059
  • NAFTA is created

    NAFTA is created
    The NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Assciation. The NAFTA is a regional trade block that went into facilitate trade among the United States, Canda, and Mexico. Many nations were in blocks. Pg. 1103
  • The WTO Forms

    The WTO Forms
    In 1995 about 100 nations joined the form the WTO which stands for World Trade Organization. The goal of WTO is to set up global rules that would ensure trade flows smoothly and freely. One dasic policies is protectionism, the use of tariffs and other restrictions that protect a country's home industries against competition. Pg. 1103
  • Suharto Establishes Military Dictatorship In Indonesia

    Suharto Establishes Military Dictatorship In Indonesia
    Some officers tried to grab power but he but they were blocked by Suharto. Those who were communist or were suspected to be were killed.Suharto rued as a dictator in Indonesia for three decades. Chapter:31
  • Brutal Ethnic conflict in Kosovo

    Brutal Ethnic conflict in Kosovo
    NATO made air of strikes against Serbia ,and that made Serbia forces attempt ethnic cleaning of Albanian civilians.
    Kosovo recreated tensions between ethnic Albanians and Serbs.
    Serb seen Kosovo part of their country ,and new violence threatened to happen if Kosovo became independent. Chapter: 32
    Section: 1
  • 9/11

    Four high jackers took over four airplanes and crashed into the Twin Towers. The other plane hit the Pentagon in Virginia. This drew the Uited States into war, the war lasted 10 years.
  • Period: to

    Barack Obama

    Brack Obama became the first American American president. Obama is a democrat. He was the effect was he was the first Arian American president.
  • Italian Ship Sinks

    Italian Ship Sinks
    The Italian ship was sinking because of tecnoligic problems.The passengers where told to put there life jackets.Many people were asked to evacuate .50 people are still missing.
  • Hurrican Sandy

    Hurrican Sandy
    Hurrican Sandy was a hurrican that hit the East of the United States.It destroyed thousands of homes around New Jersey and New York. It destroyed many lives.
  • Isis invades Livya

    Isis invades Livya
    Livya is located in North America, it's a major oil field.The United States sented special forces to help Livya push them back.Livya could loss the oil if invaded