Convergent Plot

  • Chapter 22- Part IV

    Ethel and Bernie got married in a church and Ethel's parents came for the service. Bernie tells Ethel he has done it three times and Ethel said she'd done it with her former "husband"
  • Chapter 21- Part I

    Earl Fitzherbert told his wife Bea to be a welcoming wife to him the next time he comes into the bedroom so they can produce more heirs. Fitzherbert also saw Ethel at the Calvary Gospel Hall, unexpectedly.
  • Chapter 21- Part II

    Ethel reluctantly decides to go meet Fitz in Victoria. When she arrives Fitz pulled her aside behind a gate, kissed her and then offered her the house on the piece of land they were standing on. She said she needs time to think about it.
  • Chapter 21- Part III

    Gus and Maud meet at an art gallery and then Maud asked Gus what exactly Walter had told him. Then Maud asked Gus if he had ever been in love, Gus said yes and gave a short explanation with who.
  • Chapter 21- Part V

    Ethel and Fitz attend an MP meeting, Fitz reminds Ethel of how Billy insulted him. Then Fitz finds out that Billy knows who the father of Lloyd is. Finally, at the meeting, Ethel starts shouting out names of the unjust and is carried out of the meeting by the ushers.
  • Chapter 21- Part IV

    Ethel doesn't make a decision about the home, Billy comes to see Mildred and Ethel. He wants to marry Mildred. Fitz gives a speech that is published in the paper and then at the political meeting later that evening Billy accuses Fitz of being a liar.
  • Chapter 22- Part III

    Gus and Fitz meet at a pub in London, they watch a fight and talk about a letter Fitz had read from the Germans. There is talk about an alliance with Japan and then Mexico attacking America.
  • Chapter 22- Part V

    Gus meets with Rosa, a news reporter to talk about what he and Fitz had interpreted about America and the war. He told her that she can publish news about the letter as long as she doesn't disclose where she got her information. America is going to go to war.
  • Chapter 23-Part 1

    Grigori finds that his child is at home alone and crying, his nephew is sick. He goes to find the landlady to see if she knows why the baby is unwell and gets a bad response. Then Grigori takes Vladimir to a midwife, the midwife tells Grigori how to make the child better.
  • Chapter 23-Part VII

    The characters in the book all have mixed feelings about whether or not to be sad over the Revolution and overthrow of the Tsar in Russia. Da is happy, Bea is upset, Fitz and BIlly get into an argument.
  • Chapter 24- Part I

    Monika confesses her feelings about Walter to him and he didn't reciprocate and instead, he went to go get the jacket she had asked for. He left his wallet and she found the picture of Maud, Monika pieced together that he was married to Maud.
  • Chapter 24-Part II

    Walter writes a letter to Maud with the intentions that if the letter were to get read, it was to a lesbian lover and nobody would think anything of it.
  • Chapter 24-Part III

    The USA declared war on Friday, April 16, 1917, on Germany. Walter believes a good way for the government to be overthrown is by giving money.
  • Chapter 24-Part IV

    Walter had heard no word from Maud and he had unhappy thoughts about what she could be doing in the three years they had been apart. Propaganda was a better resource than bribes to overthrow the government.
  • Chapter 24-Part V

    Walter and Maud are reunited in the hotel and Maud said the way she got to him was because she had an interview. They get to bed and they are once again reassured that they love each other.
  • Chapter 24-Part V

    Grigori is not pleased with the Bourgeois democracy and there is a warning given that every revolution is internal and external and needed to be ready for attack. There are a lot of people that think the way Grigori does. Long live the revolution.
  • Chapter 25- Part I

    Lev liked working the night club and his one problem was his wife. Everything that Lev did displease Olga. She wanted more from him and didn't like him for what he was. Lev got caught being given an act of something you don't do with people when you married, he was moved out of the nightclub and into a job with only men.
  • Chapter 25-Part IV

    Lev is frustrated with the men on strike and he and Gus get together to talk and Gus demanded that Lev gives 50 cent raises to his workers because they work in the war industry and America is at war and needs the supplies.
  • Chapter 25-Part V

    Lev gets told he is going in the army by Vyalov and he got caught kissing Marga by Olga too. Vyalov said he should've hit Marga harder.
  • Chapter 25-Part VI

    Gus owes it to join the army and when his mother heard she began to cry. Lev is in his army uniform and basically talks Gus into joining anyways since he works with the president.
  • Chapter 23-Part V

    Grigori is very happy creating a new set of terms for how the revolutionary government will function. Katerina is happy with how Grigori has upgraded in status.
  • Chapter 23-Part VI

    The Tsar is finally abdicated and instead, his younger brother as his successor. Mikhail is asked to not accept the crown by the prince. and Mikhail declined to take it because he was not guaranteed safety.
  • Chapter 25- Part II

    Gus said that when the war is over America will be able to take part as a post-war settlement. Wilsons dream is to have the league of nations fall into place.
  • Chapter 25-Part III

    Lev wanted the money back that he had been shorted from Vyalov. It is unsure how the draft will work for people in America going to war but it will exclude war industries.
  • Period: to

    Chapter 22- Part I

    Walter and his father Otto go to Castle Pless to discuss with every important person in Germany to talk about outcomes and plans for the war. German military leaders talked about America's soon-to-be involvement in the war and unrestricted submarine warfare.
  • Chapter 22- Part II

    Fitz decodes a message sent by the Germans, for the German ambassador in Mexico. The plan was for Germany to ally with Mexico against the Americans. Fitz and Carver can't tell the world because then the Germans would know that the British are reading their mail.
  • Chapter 23- Part II

    Grigori finds out that the Tsar has ordered the Russian civilians are now liable to be killed in the street for striking or marching. His nephew isn't sick anymore and Grigori is scared for Katerina.
  • Chapter 23-Part III

    Snipers were fired at people and the soldiers of the Tsar killed so many people. Grigori got beat in the head with a club but Grigori also killed men that had guns and were in charge. He also stopped a lady from being raped.
  • Chapter 23-Part IV

    Grigori starts orders about how the Soviet Union should rule over Russia. Grigori is renamed to Sergeant.