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A Long Walk To Water

By 101359
  • Chapter One, Salva

    Salva was at school daydreaming when the war reached his village and he had to run out of school into the bush.
  • Chapter Two, Salva

    Salva is running and meets up with a big group of people, that is eventually found by the rebels and is split up. Then the men are taken nd the rest of the group keeps walking, until they barn that they rest in and in the morning Salva is left behind.
  • Chapter Three, Salva

    Salva gets left behind in the barn and finds a woman’s home nearby that he gets food from and works for her for several days. Then another group of Dinka come.
  • Chapter Four, Salva

    Salva is taken in by the group around a week later they are joined by another tribe called the Jur-chol. Also they find a beehive because of Buska’s ability to follow the honey guide bird to the honey.
  • Chapter Five Salva

    Salva and the rest were enjoying the honey after getting stung a lot. Almost every day new people joined the group and it got bigger. Also one day when Salva was walking around the fire he stepped on the boy that was to be his new friend Marial.
  • Chapter Six, Salva

    Salva found his uncle who had a rifle. Also his uncle shot a topi that everyone ate and quickly puked out. Finally after setting up camp and going to sleep Marial Salva’s friend went missing.
  • Chapter seven, Salva

    Salva figured out that Marial was killed by a lion. Also the group kept walking and eventually reached the Nile, where they started to build small canoes out the reeds that grew there.
  • Chapter Eight, Salva

    The group finished their canoes and paddled until they hit a island in the middle of the river in which they stopped. There they got food of many different varieties and they stayed there for the night, but couldn’t sleep because of the thousands of mosquitoes. After the night they set off on their boats for the other side of the river.
  • Chapter Nine, Salva

    The group was walking through the dry desert on the other side of the Nile. Until they saw nine men on the ground five of them dead and they were considering on giving the living ones water.
  • Chapter Ten, Salva

    Some women from the group give the men a little water and then they keep walking and Uncle tells Salva that his family is probably dead and that Uncle will drop Salva off at the camp and then return to the war. Then they keep walking until they see that the desert is receding and they find a dead stork by a muddy pond. Finally when they are cooking it Nuer people come and rob them of all their belongings and then shoot Uncle and run away.
  • Chapter Eleven, Salva

    The group buried Uncle and since both Marial and Jncle died Salva became more courageous for every obstacle that came before him. The eventually they made it to the camp in which the group was split up and Salva was cared for. Finally at the end Salva sees someone that looks like his mother.
  • Chapter Twelve Part One, Salva

    Salva ran after the woman, but quickly realized that she was not his mother and thinks that he should do what Uncle told him to do to take things one thing at a time and take life on that way and Salva stayed in the camp.
  • Period: to

    Salva and Nya’s Story Timeline

  • Chapter Thirteen Part One, Salva

    Salva and everyone else was being forced into the river and they were shooting at them. Salva jumped into the water and a kid jumped on his head and saved him from a bullet. After a long time Salva made it to the other side.
  • Chapter Twelve Part Two, Salva

    Rumors were spreading around camp that Ethiopia’s government was getting taken over and that they might shut the camp down. Then trucks full of soldiers came and forced evryone With there guns to the crocodile filled Gilo River.
  • Chapter Thirteen Part Two, Salva

    Salva started to walk with thousands of boys following him as their leader and after 1 and a half years of walking and surviving Salva and the boys made to a refugee camp in Kenya.
  • Chapter Fourteen, Salva

    Salva had been living Kalimantan, but after all the bad happenings he moved to Ifo a nd was just the same. At Ifo learned English and how to play volleyball from an aid worker called Michael. There was also a list that if your name was on it you would go to America and one day Salva’s name was on it.
  • Chapter Fifteen, Salva

    Salva was taken to the capital of Kenya and was examined and filled out paperwork. Then Salva boarded a plane and once they had taken off they gave him coca-cola and remembered the time hi da brought him some. One they made it to the airport Salva met his new parents Chris and Louise. The he stepped out of the terminal and started his new life in America.
  • Chapter Sixteen, Salva

    Salva saw and had so many amazing new things since he went to America and after a while he learned how to speak English well, he was even going to college for business. One day Salva got an email from his cousin saying that he found Salva’s real father sick in a hospital. It took Salva and his family months to prepare the trip, but Salva made it to the hospital in Sudan.
  • Chapter Seventeen,Salva

    Then Salva saw his father and they talked,but Salva coudn’t go back to the village and his family in fear of being forced into the war. After visiting his father Salva went back to America he started a projector help people in Sudan and Africa and to do so he started speaking anywhere to raise money for it and he started taliking more and more and raised a lot of money.
  • Chapter One, Nya

    Nya was walking somewhere with an empty plastic container through the sun and barefoot. Also it would take her half the day.
  • Chapter Two, Nya

    Nya sat down and put the container down and looked at the needle in the middle of her foot.
  • Chapter Three, Nya

    Nya finally reaches the pond and sees all the life around it. Also she thinks she might be able to get home by noon if everything goes well.
  • Chapter Four, Nya

    Nya finally got home and ate some. Just as she finished eating her mother told her to go back to the pond again, but this time with her sister Akeer. Also going to the pond is her only thing she does for seven months of the year.
  • Chapter Five, Nya

    Every year we hen the dry months came her family had to go to a big lake and take as many belongings as they could carry. For those Five Months Nya would only get water from the moist clay bottom of the dried up lake.
  • Chapter Seven, Nya

    Nya was back home trying to help the very sick Akeer. Also they had to make a choice of should they bring Akeer to a clinic a few days away or try and wait it out.
  • Chapter Eight, Nya

    Nya’s father had taken Akeer to the hospital and the woman said that the sickness was caused by contaminated water. Also she said that they should boil the water before they drink it, but when they have to go to the lake they can’t boil the water.
  • Chapter Nine, Nya

    Nya’s family was about to leave for the camp when a Jeep came and asked to speak to the chief about water.
  • Chapter Ten, Nya

    The men had finished talking to the chief and walked behind Nya’s house between two big trees where the village sometimes gathered and said we will find water there.
  • Chapter Eleven, Nya

    The two men left and almost everyone started the work of clearing the area between the two trees. Also Nya still had to make trips to the pond and both Nya nd her brother Dep doubted there would be water there.
  • Chapter Six, Nya

    Nya was sometimes happy to go to the lake because she wouldn’t have to make long trips to the pond. Also there were some downsides like they had to dig for water all day and they can’t bring all their things. Finally they had to sleep in a makeshift shelter and there was always the chance of running into their sworn enemies the Dinka.
  • Chapter Twelve, Nya

    A big drill arrived with other tools and a plastic pipe. Also ten more men returned with the other two and people started to break rocks to make gravel and every time Nya came back from the pond she heard the sound of people working.
  • Chapter Fourteen, Nya

    One day everyone started to gather around the drill and the hole,suddenly water shot out of it and people started to celebrate until they noticed it was full of mud.
  • Chapter Fifteen, Nya

    Some little boys wanted to drink the water, but it was two muddy. Deep said that it was muddy because it was mixed with the pond water and they still needed to put down the foundation. So they couldn’t drink the water for a few more days.
  • Chapter Sixteen, Nya

    After the excitement Nya’s father met with some men with tools and started clearing land behind the second big tree and getting ready to build something.
  • Chapter Eighteen, Salva

    Salva held the banner with the Elm Street School on it and helped everyone get water and then he met Nya and told her his name.
  • Chapter Thirteen, Nya

    Water had to pumped into the drill to keep it working so the crew had to drive to the pond to fill a huge bag each time it was empty. Also every time it sprang a leak, which was a lot they had to patch and only their leader kept them going.
  • Chapter Seventeen, Nya

    Nya’s father told her that they were building a school and that she could go there and learn how to read and write because she didn’t need to get water anymore.
  • Chapter Eighteen, Nya

    Nya was drinking water and watching the celebration around and then Dep told her that the leader was Dinka and finally Nya introduced herself to the leader and it was Salva.