Imgres 1


  • Period: to

    Chains timeline

  • (chapters 1-3)

    Isabel and Rith attend funeral for Ms. Mary Finch:
    -was a kind owner
    -Taught girls how to read and freed upton her death
    Ms. Finch's nephew, Mr. Robert Finch, ignores wishes of aunt
    -Mr. Finch sells Isabel and Ruth in Newport, RI
    -sold to Anne (madame) and Elihu Lockton; Pro British from NYC
  • (chapter 4)

    Travel by boat from RI to NYC
  • (chapters 5 6 and 7)

    Chapter 5:
    Arrived in NewYork. Locktons pretend to be on the side of the rebels but secretly like the king. Bellingham is eager to arrest Lockton. Isabel takes blame for ruths giggling Madam Lockton slaps Isabel.
    Chapter 6:
    Meets curzon (Belingham slave) he takes her to get warter and gets her food. Curzon asks her to spy on Mr. Lockton and bring him information about the loyalists.
    Chapter 7:
    in return Mr. Bellingham might be able to bring them back to Rhode Island. (Isabel declines)
  • June 6, 1776 (chapter 8,9, and 10)

    Ruth becomes Madolm Locktons personal slave, Isabel talks to Becky and learns what to do and what not to do.
    Chapter 9:
    Isabel meets Lady Seymour who renames her Sal Lockton. Isabel sees through dressed up in fancy dressed and made up. Isabel overhears Mr. Lockton and his friends talking about the king, saying they are going to bribe people to become loyalists.
    CHapter 10:
    Isabel finds out that Madame had beat Ruth. Isabel sneeks outs and delivers the information he learned to Curzon.
  • Friday June 7 (chapters 11 and 12)

    Chapter 11:
    Isabel is tired from the night before and falls behind in chores. soldiers and Bellingham come to the house and began to take the glass windows to make into bullets. Sir Lockton is arrested.
    Chapter 12:
    Becky sends Isabell to go see Lady seymour. Isabel explains Locktons arrest to Lady seymour
  • 8 June, 1776 (chaptter 13)

    Chapter 13:
    Lockton returns from jail and gets in argument with Madame Lockton because she wants to leave New york. He hits his wife when he is angry. Isabell went to the water pump and talked to Curzon.
  • Chapter 14 15

    -Lockton's plan=assinate G.Washington
    Mayor of Nyc was involbed who was bribed by Lockton
    Assasination Plot:
    All Members were forced to sign their name so if 1 went down they would all go down together
    Chapter 15
    -Ruth has a seizure in Madams kitchen
    Madam believes Ruth is posseseed by the devil
    Isabel hit by madam
    Madam threatens to sell Ruth but Lockton rufeses
  • Chapter 16

    Isabell steals list of assination plot and brings list to Colonel Regan (patriot comander)
    Isabell wants Lockton jailed and freedom for her and Ruth
    Colonel tells Ruth to put the list back
  • Chapter 17

    -Lockton spends hours at mayors house and warehouse
    -Madame didnt allow Ruth to serve her because she was scared of the demons inside her.
    -Mr. Goldbutton comes to the house and says the plan to assasinat G.W. had been uncovered. Lockton is running away and Leaving Madame so that she can protect there ownings she refuses to stay and he hits her. Lockton runs away hidden in wooden crate marked "cheese." soldiers come the next day to arrest him and he has already left and burned the papaers.
  • Chapter 18

    Chapter 18
    Thomas hickey was hung in public for almost assasinating G.W.
    Isabell and Ruth go to hanging so they can talk to Colonel Regan, but they dont see him
  • chapter 19

    Chapter 19:
    Bbritish ships sail into harbor
    Ruth has a small seizure because of the loud noise but Isabel covers it up in front of Madame and Lady seymour
  • Chapter 20

    Chapter 20:
    Militia arrives. Congress declared independence from Britain. Madame starts being very nice to Ruth and Isabel and baking them food. Food is drugged and isabel falls into a deep sleep. "I fell asleep...for that i shall never forgive myself"
  • Chapter 21

    Ruth is sold while isabel is drugged and alseep.
    -Becky knew what happened
    Ruth was send to nevis in west Indies
    ISabel threatens and confronts Madam
    Madame hits Isabel with a painting and Isabel runs away to Colonel Regan he kinda tries to help her but is forced to send her over to Madame.
    Isabel tries to escape and is beaten and caught
  • Chapter 22

    pg 144: Quote from Thomas Jefferson
    Isabel willl never be given her freedom
    Isabel is in jail and was beaten: hit in head and lost teeth
    She is tried in court: wont be killed but will be punished
    -Punishment=branded with "I" for isolence
  • Chapter 23

    Isabel is publically branded with letter "I"
    crowd gathers to watch
    WHile getting branded she imagines ife back in Rhode Island and she sees her "mom and dad" walking towards her"
    "whatever you do dont scream"
    "they cooked me" pg 148
    cries but doesnt scream
  • Chapter 24

    Isabel wakes up in a comfertable bed with fresh sheets at lady seymours house where she has spent the last 6 days unconcious
    -Lady seymour tells Isabel that Curzon is the reason Isabel survived because he ran and told Lady Seymour that Isabel was in trouble after the authorities left her after her branding
    Madame insists Isabel returns home when she wakes up
    Lady seymour is unable to find information on where Ruth is
  • Chapter 25

    Madame wont speak or make eyecontact with Isabel
    Isabel is mad because CUrzon promised Bellingham would helo her so she does not speak to him
    Becky makes isabel talk to curzon and Curzon apologises but still asks her to spy so isabel tells him to never talk to her ever again
  • Chapter 26

    Isabel goes to waterpump and overhears slaves talking about war. They say that the british are offering freedom to any slave who will fight for the british army.Curzon also says that he is now fighting for the american army. Curzon carries isabel water buckets back too her house.
  • chapter 27

    British beat America in a battle in Brooklyn, Isabel sees curzon at soldier camps.
  • Chapter 28

    New york gets invaded while madame and isabel are at church. WHile all of this is happening Madame has Isabel go to the market to get her things off of a list. There is a lot of chaos so Isabel must hide in an abandoned building until it is okay to crawl out.
  • Chapter 29

    Isabel goes to waterfront to traid sides to Britain to trade sides to Britain only to see that the American camps are deserted. British boats arrive at the waterfront. Offers information in exchange of taking her in as a cook or washwoman. He declines when he hears she is the slave of a loyalist. Lockton returns and asks isabel abt burn.
  • Chapter 30

    Loyalists parade up the street. Becky runs away from Locktons and 2 loyalist officers are staying with the locktons. Isabel goes to work for Lady seymour because she needs help with the officers staying at her house. Isabel works hard but lady seymour treats her well. Isabel wakes up and the whole city is on fire.
  • Chapter 31

    There is a fire and isabel saves Lady Seymour as well as Lady seymours letters and painting, But she loses ruths doll in the flames
  • Chapter 32

    Five hundred homes are destroyed in fire many many people died. Lady Seymour Lives with Locktons after she has a stroke. 11 soldiers and there families now live with locktons. Soldiers wives help isabel work in the kitchen
  • Chapter 33

    Isabel considers becoming a Rebel again. The seeds she took from her mother in Rhode Island are now dead. Lady seymour is healing and has someone make isabel a cloak and long skirt for the winter. One day Isabel goes to waterpum and finds that the British have captured american soldiers who are being marched to the prison. She sees a glimpse of Curzon among the improsened soldiers.
  • Chapter 34

    Madame throws dinner party to celebrate capture of Fort Washington. Isabel and soldier wives prepare house while Madame gets ready. Soldiers talk about how badly they are treating prisoners and Lady Seymour asks if they think the rebels will retailiate and the soldiers ignore her. Isabel comes up with a plan to help Curzon.
  • Chapter 35

    Isabel brings leftover from dinner to the rebels in prison. Isabel tells the guards that Curzon is her brother and the guards take the bucket to "inspect it" (eat food). She finds Curzon who is freezing and wont start shaking. He describers the battle to Isabel. A soldier tries to take the bucket from Curzon saying that a slave shouldn't eat first. The seargent instructs them to pass the bucket around so everyone has enough food. The seargent wants Isabel to deliver a message to there captain.
  • Chapter 36

    Lady seymour gets sick and Isabel must take care of her. Isabel continues to visit Curzon. and the conditions are imrpoving a little in prison. Lady seymour tells isabel she knows about her visiting the prison and says that although its honerable she must be careful because Madame Lockton wont understand. Isabel goes to bookstore to buy lady seymour a book and the bookstore owner gives Isabel a copy of the book "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine.
  • Chapter 37

    Lady seymour gets better and Isabel ahs to start preparing for christmas. Isabl goes to visit curzon and prison rules have changed so she has to got arounf back and sees that the rest of the soldiers have stolen Curzons blankets and hat. She says if they let curzon die Then she wont give a message to the captain about how poor the conditions are. ISabel succefully delivers the message. Isabel tries to read common sense. Lockton leaves for Londen.

    pg 238 "if he dies youll not see me again"
  • Chapter 38

    Christmas is isabels day off but madame makes keeps postponing her day off until she can finish her chores. Madame talks to Isabel and demands she stop visiting the prison and disgracing the family. Isabel makes Bread pudding to honor her mothers and her old family christmas tradition she later brings it to a british family living in a tent.
  • Chapter 39

    Isabel runs into Captain Morse at the market and he begs her to give a message to the prisoners. Isabel agrees to go to the tavern that afternoon to get the message, at the tavern Isabel gets a loaf of bread with a note inside that she has to give to Private dibdin. The note says that the americans have beat british at trenton. Isabel delivers the bread.
  • Chapter 40

    Amercans win another battle in Princton NJ. British start treating prisoners better. Lockton plans trip to londen so he can go tell the Parliment of the american victories. Lockton leaves and Isabel goes and brings prison more food. Sarah (soldier wife) gives birth to baby named Goerge. Lady seymour is sick again. Isabel takes care of her and one day Lady seymour asks for Isabels forgiveness because at one point she wanted to buy her. Isabel keeps reading common sense.
  • Chapter 41

    Madame throws a ball for queen Charlottes birthday. Lady has a seymour after dinner. and isabel has to take care of ehr more. Madame asks doctor when lady seymour will die. Isabel is angry and breaks frozen ice sheet outside.
  • Chapter 42

    Lady seymour is paralized. Isabel thinks about commen sense and sees why its so dangerous. Madame prepares firewroks and huge celebration for the ball. Isabel goes to Captain morse and he asks Isabel to deliver a penny to Captain fafarr who he has lost a bet too. Captain fafarr asks Isabel to deliver and extrememly importent message to captain morse and on the way back Isabel stops at the locktons where madame waits. Madame knows where Isabel has been and what Isabel has been doing.
  • Chapter 43 (part 1)

    One of Madam's friends told her that she saw Isabel talking to a rebel officer. Her friend saw Isabel take a note from him and is certain it was Isabel because of the mark on her face. Madame demands to see the note and Isabel throws it into the fire as a result Madame threatens to sell Ruth and Isbael (but wasnt Ruth already sold?) Madam actually still owns Ruth bu couldn't find anyone to buy Ruth, so she sent her to the Lockton estate in Charleston. Madame threatens to have Ruth drowned.
  • chapter 43 (part 2)

    Madame punishes Isabel and makes her be locked in the potato bin until after the party. Isabel escaped potatoe bin and goes to Loccktons office where she gets a map of the colonies and fills out a pass saying she is a freed slave. She writes her name as Isabel Gardner because a memory she has ofher and Ruth gardening.
  • Chapter 44 (part 1)

    Isabel puts on all the clothes she owns and puts her copy of commen sense and seeds from mama in her pocket. She stops in lady seymours room to put wood in the fire. Then she notices Lady seymours open coin purse and just as she goes to take money Lady seymour wakes up. She shows (with her gaze) isabel can keep the money in repayment for Isabel saving the picture of her and her money. She then tells isabel to run. Isabel plans to steal a boat but she and go save ruth but she wants to save Curzon
  • Chapter 44 (part 2)

    Isabel goes to the prison and tells guard shes been sent to clean sells. A faver has been going through prison and multiple people are dead including Dibdin. Isabel finds Curzon lying sick on the floor. She tells the guard that she's found another dead body and asks if she can carry him to the pile of bodies outside. he says yes. Once outside she loads Curzon into a wheelbarrow and tells him to play dead and be quiet. Then she runs.