Avengers weakness cover

The Avengers Weakness

  • The kids are sent away

    Nick Fury has the kids sent away for their protection.
  • Chapter 1: The Fire

    Chapter 1: The Fire
    There is a fire at the orphanage that the kids live in. The Avengers, after being given an anonymous tip, come to save them. (Enemy Fire)
  • Chapter 2: I Almost Remember

    Chapter 2: I Almost Remember
    The kids are scared and don't know where they are. (They're at The Avengers Tower) They are healed of their injuries from Chapter 1. Wanda goes to see Violet when she wakes up and faintly recognizes Violet, but isn't sure why. (Once Upon a December)
  • Chapter 3: Avengers?

    Chapter 3: Avengers?
    In this chapter, the kids are told who the Avengers are and such. (Centuries)
  • Chapter 4: Are You...My Violet?

    Chapter 4: Are You...My Violet?
    Wanda has a flashback and sees Violet as a baby from before she had to be sent away and realizes that this is the same Violet she had previously spoken to. (I WIll Follow You Into The Dark)
  • Chapter 5: Sons and Daughters (Part 1)

    Chapter 5: Sons and Daughters (Part 1)
    The Avengers figure out that the kids that they rescued are their own children. (Human)
  • Chapter 6: Sons and Daughters (Part 2)

    Chapter 6: Sons and Daughters (Part 2)
    The Avengers reveal that they are the children's parents
    (Who are you really by Mikky Ekko)
  • Chapter 7: Hail Hydra

    Chapter 7: Hail Hydra
    The children are kidnapped by Hydra and are given powers, but they don't find out about their powers until the next chapter. (Emperor's New Clothes by Panic! at the Disco)
  • Chapter 8: Powers

    Chapter 8: Powers
    The children discover that they have been given power by Hydra and struggle to control them. (Immigrant Song)
  • Chapter 9: Hydra Goes Gone

    Chapter 9: Hydra Goes Gone
    The Avengers, led by Scarlet Witch, head out to Hydra's base to find their children but Hydra has moved their base and the Avengers end up at the wrong place because of this
    (Believer by Imagine Dragons)
  • Chapter 10: Control

    Chapter 10:  Control
    Hydra starts to train the kids to use their powers, while pretending to be doing what they're doing in the kids' best interest
    (The Pretender by Foo Fighters)
  • Chapter 11: A Message

    Chapter 11: A Message
    The Avengers, at Hydra's old base find a note from Hydra telling the Avengers that they have their children. (Hunger of the Pine by alt-j)
  • Chapter 12: Alone

    Chapter 12: Alone
    the children start to wonder why their parents, the Avengers, haven't come for them yet. (Wait by M83)
  • Chapter 13: To Be Loved

    Serena is worried that her father doesn't want her. That none of their parents want them. The others aren't as concerned about their parents as they are about their current situation. Violet comes into the room and can tell that something's wrong. Serena tells Violet about her fears, and Violet reassures Serena that everything will turn out alright.
  • Chapter 14: A Plan

    Chapter 14: A Plan
    The kids decide that HYDRA can't have good intentions, no matter what they claim. However, the children also know that they need to learn about their powers. They start to devise a plan to learn about their powers from HYDRA while also trying to find a way to contac their parents and help their parents find them. Hydra hears them devise their plan and plans to start brainwashing them immediately. (Thunder)
  • Chapter 15: Turn To Us

    Chapter 15: Turn To Us
    Hydra tries to start brainwashing them, and succeeds doing so to Thalia and Serena. They try 2 brainwash Lyla & Jarvis as well, but fail. Start out Third POV in the Hydra base. Two Agents (Raven & Ivonne) are brainwashing Thalia and Serena. Jarvis and Lyla are in the next room getting prepped (by Quinn and random agents) and they can hear the screams. Go on with that for as long as you want, they can have conversation that gives a little background on how they all know each other.
  • Chapter 16: One Of Us, Not Them

    Lyla, Jarvis, Violet and Anya have to try and get Thalia and Serena back to normal, however, they are only able to get back Thalia and not Serena
  • Chapter 17: Finding

    The Avengers figure out where their kids are and start heading to get them back.
  • Chapter 18: Rebellion (Part 1)

    All of the kids except for Serena rebel against Hydra. They fight and win again and again, using their powers to do so. At the end of the chapter, they come face to face with Serena and then the chapter ends on a cliffhanger (Believer)
  • Chapter 19: Regroup

    Violet, Lyla, Jarvis, Thalia, and Anya retreat to the woods near Hydra's base to figure out what they're going to do to get Serena back without fighting her. Scarlet Witch sends them a message to let the kids know that they're close. Before anyone can tell them about Serena, Scarlet Witch cuts off the message.
  • Chapter 20: Found

    It starts with two of the kids stealing food and supplies for them. Then, the Avengers arrive at the place in the woods near Hydra's base where the kids are camping out and the kids tell them what happened to Serena.
  • Chapter 21: Rebellion (Part 2)

    The kids, now with the Avengers as well, go back to Hydra's base. The kids use their powers, and the Avengers are stunned because the kids didn't tell them about their powers as to not burden them with more. (Since they already burdened them with the knowledge of what happened to Serena.) The Avengers then keep fighting all simultaneously deciding to ask their children about how they had powers after they were all safe. (Fearless)
  • Chapter 22: Serena, I Love You

    They then come face to face with Serena once more, and this time, Captain America tells Serena that he loves her, and with the help of the other kids, Serena returns to their side. Serena is nearly kidnapped by Hydra, but by using her powers and Captain America's shield, they are able to stop this from happening. (Heroes)
  • Chapter 23: We're Back, Baby

    Serena and the other kids, along with the Avengers, fight Hydra and finally win. (We Fight)
  • Chapter 24: Powers, How?

    The kids tell the Avengers what they know of how they got their powers, which is that after they were kidnapped by Hydra, they woke up with them. With Scarlet Witch's help, they find out that Hydra did some DNA experimentation on them which gave them their powers.
  • Epilogue - Home, New Home. Home, True Home

    The kids are now back at Avengers Tower and are getting settled to live with their true parents, the Avengers. (Superheroes)